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Unofficial Hackers Online

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Unofficial Hackers Online

Post by ElectricWolf » Fri Sep 27, 2019 12:20 PM

Welcome to the Unofficial Hackers Online discord server
In this server, you will be given the chat room to just chat and accept missions not in the game. These missions can be challenging and encrypted. It is your job to decrypt them and complete the mission. (Mission room not yet created).

We welcome all players here. Discord is one of the requirements to join in the mission. This server does still go by the rules of the game, however we are a lot more relaxed. Just don't target others with

These missions are only meant to create fun in the game. There will be an attempt to create a mission to reward players in the future

We are looking for recruits to stop a hacker that is trying to take over the internet of things and we want you. Are you ready?

Yes, recruit me!

You will need to follow the prompt to get into the server chats. These prompts are sent via discord DM (Direct Message) and in the chat.

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