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Further explanations for the September update

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Further explanations for the September update

Post by TeAmEr » Wed Sep 27, 2017 19:05 PM

- The A.I sniffs were unfair , giving A.I upgrades (which by the way are useless past level 50.0 80.0) there were more A.I drops giving a lot of H.C and algos, resulting in higher level and even more drops. so they were removed to ensure fair game play to everyone

- The HC amount given by the old A.I sniffs was enough to not even collect your own miners, not hacking other players, not using viruses and other things in the game, if all you want to do is connect then disconnect and upgrade you might as well download flappy bird, this game is something more than collecting algos.
removing the huge amount of HC drops will encourage players to hack each other more, use viruses on each other, worms, attack guilds, take care of own miners and will make the game more engage-able, specially in the next update team-hack with the new hardware (signal disruption unit) where multiple low players will be hacking at the same time to increase the back-tracing time.

- The new drops have BBs, which i bet no one will complain about, and Notes which gives you a chance to get IPs that were difficult to find before.

The old A.I drops were a bug in the first place, whenever i tried to fix it gradually people complained. so i kep it the same, which led to high level A.Is to get even more drops,
a.i level 100 gets about 100 drops a day
becomes 200 gets 200 a day and so on
which is unfair.
so after many tries to fix the problem without people complaining, i had to end it immediately as new players were complaining that they will never catch up with those few.

However High A.I levels will still be useful in protecting against some current attack, and future types of attacks, so nothing is lost.

I ask everyone who is complaining to have some dignity, first it's not your place to decide what i put in the game as the developer, 2nd its shameful of you to ask for a bug that is causing unfair-play to remain in the game, 3rd you have lost nothing except having unusually high software levels which currently do nothing in the game, and the reason they are doing nothing in the game because i can't give them a function while they are so un-fair.

Apart from the name-calling and the rude behavior i received from many of the players, i will let that slide. but any rule breaking in the chat will be punishable as usual.

in case you missed the update details: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1102

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