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[3rd Tutorial] guilds and when should I apply for

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[3rd Tutorial] guilds and when should I apply for

Post by DocvalE » Tue Jan 30, 2018 20:43 PM

hello and welcome in our tiny and fine underground society,

my aim to write this thread is to give you a little help and may answer a lots of questions, wich the "old hackers" can't hear/read anymore.

First you sould know that guilds have an quite different role you might expect from other games. The primary sense is still existing to support eachother, tactical plannings, give help if needed and many more. You know what I mean, don't you?! The big diffrence is that guilds can be destroyed by other guilds. For sure your eyes still working. For this reason you have to reach 500 Reputation to create a guild.
To join a guild your repution has to be minimum 80 % of the average of all guild members. If you will join a fresh guild with an leader having 500 rep, the absolut mininum is 400 Rep. But you have to figure the leader don't wait earning reputation, so go on upgrading, practise hacking and make your own experiences.
My personal advice to you, wait until at least 1.000 rep and then look around.

While working on the big tactics guide I realized, that I need to tighten some point from the earlier version of this guide. I won´t give you an explaination, cause that´s not the topic right now. If you are curios you have to read them, but I hope I will do it anyway. Back to our topic we whant to deal with.
I adviced you in the old version to create a guild up to 1.000 Rep only. The changes forces me to increase the numbers of an amount of 500-1.000 Rep. It´s simply to easy to destroy a guild with a leader of 1k Rep. The live time of those guilds are not more then a couple of days. At the moment I recommend you 1.500 Rep at least, but the Rep should be rised with upgrades. If you pushed your Rep with missions or due to hacks, the result would be the same as I mentioned above. Exspecially the leader and Co need to have a massiv self-discipline at the beginning. The help of the members is needed much too, if your intension is a long and good time together causing some trouble.
Use the first time to get friendly with the game and it´s functions. Don´t be afraid the time is running pretty fast and I guess you would like to stay for a long period as member of a guild. May if you focus on yourself, you´ll find some special trick or an optimal useage. Take your time you need and talk to other players. The normal hacker is a bit paranoid and it takes time to get his trust and some conversations at chat.

Many of you may think, it´s easy to write all these advises, cause I am member of a guild. You are right, no doubt. I played the game 4 month on my own. I rejected all applies of guilds. Why? Well, let´s look at the logical stuff. Why the hell should I increase the chance to get leaked due to guild leak, perfidiousness of a member and additional stress from ploeple I may know 5 words? At the beginning everybody make mistakes due to stupidness, bugs and problems with the server.
I joined my first guild at 3,5k Rep. I guess that was the 5th apply xD. Anyway the important facts why I did the step. I talked with the members serveral weeks. I know they have the tactical know-how, cause the guild was still alive. Never the less the to my mind most important fact is, all of them are nice guys and a girl. Do not underrate the power of a good and harmonic working team. I have a little experiences on several games and genres and the best time and mostly my best performance I did show, if the people around me supporting eachother with erverything they have. Don´t be shy and have your own requirements of abilities a guild should have. You don´t need to say it to someone. If you will talk to them many questions will be answered quickly, trust me.

Advantages of a guild

Many of you would like to escape the strict rules of the chat. The guild chat is what you want. You can say any of the unspoken words without getting a ban by system or any moderator. You can post IPs cause the filter isn´t working at this area of the chat.

One positive aspect is the higher turning point of the miner status. You have a higher safe zone and your wallet too.

I am sure the next point I have to mention attracts many of you. You can attack and destroy other guilds. You can attack other Data Center by using DDoS attacks.

disadvantages of a guild

If the leader and co of your guild don´t work coordinated and sneaky (IP-leak) the guild is pretty weak and will have a short life time. At your Data Center you will find a file, which contains all IPs. If you change your IP, either the file will be changed.

You can´t leave the guild by your own. The leader can kick you out only. Think twice before you hit the button.

Many minor changes in the game caused some further negativ aspects. That should be the biggest reason for all, why should take your time. The DC IP is visibale if you hit the guild.app. That means every member can hack the dc and copy all your IPs and/or attack and destroy the guild.
The biggest fail right now is to ask at chat:"looking for guild" and join the first one who answers. If a leader eccept an apply imidately it´s a fail too.
I short recruiting periode is a good sign for an organized guild with good players. Get friendly with each other. You will see how the member interact and if it fits. Somehow such a periode of time is a good proof of quality. As far as I know all good guilds acting that way or even stricter. Feel free to ask the members and they will tell.

How to find a guild?

You recognize members of a guild by their tag in front of the nick. [ABC]Nick
You´ll find a very good overview at guild ranking, including the tag of course.
If you have reach the point you decised to join a guild, keep cool and take your time to make a research and talk to some members of your favorite guilds. Or do you buy something without testing it?!

Where do I get the informations of the guild?

That´s quite simple. You can keep the tag in mind from members seen at chat or you search the tag in the guild ranking. If you got the tag or even tags, switch to desktop and tap the icon guild.app
Now click on the button "Searche for guild" or switch right to "GUILDS NET".
Write the tag inside the empty field and you know what to do actually.
Some facts about the guid will appear.

The first fact stands for itsself and iam quite sure no explanation is needed. :mrgreen:
The next two ones are not important at the moment to my mind. Your fact you have to interest in is the "min Reputation".
If you have further questions about the guild or if it is possible to join even with lower Rep as the "min Reputation", you can and should contact trustfully the leader.
I advise you to do it via pm in global chat.

Please keep the chat clearly and you all would do the Staff-TEAM a very big favour.

Thank you very much!

Please also recognise the advise!
The only way to leave the elected guilde is if you are inactive (48h without login) or if your Rep falling below the avarage of the Guild. Somehow you are binded!
Think even about that a leader could get inactive too. So it is better to wait a bit and find a bigger guild with experienced hackers.
Did you make your choise, you have thougt about it and if you even talked to some members, it is time to send a request via app or you contact the leader in the chat.

That´s the way I would choose a guild. Something is missing? Write it and I will add it step by step.
Did I add the topic, I am going to ask a mod to delete the post, cause nobody likes scolling that much long. :cry:

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

That´s the end of the beginning :mrgreen:

Sincerely Doc
👁เดค👁🖖 Doc 👿

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