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I was banned from Telegram / Discord Server

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I was banned from Telegram / Discord Server

Post by Fenrir » Thu Apr 02, 2020 20:14 PM

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There are reasons that one can be banned as for which can be found in these pages

Discord SelfBots

Rules of Services given
https://sites.google.com/view/hackerz-o ... vent-rules

Rules of the Game

Chances are, if your viewing this page, you probably have been banned due to either selfbot or by some other reason that have been placed in the rules. For those that have been banned for the reason of lingering in the #player_welcome chat, you would need to fill out the form and select I am not a BOT! and submit the form. The form will be monitored weekly, at best a day before the event and will be placed under review.

When filling out the form, please make sure to fill out all information correctly such as usernames for both Discord and Telegram or you will not be able to be contacted. This includes the 4 (four) numbers at the end of your username on Discord after the hashtag ( # ). This can be found on Discord mobile by tapping the hamburger ( ≡ ) in the upper left hand corner. Your full username will be displayed under your profile picture at the top.

Telegram is excluded from this option as it requires personal interaction via button when you join and all other users that do not press the button are auto managed by the bot.

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