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Self Bots In Use

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Self Bots In Use

Post by Fenrir » Sat Mar 21, 2020 18:19 PM

With the links to the Telegram and Discord Chats public, as you are all aware, actions are required to actually chat or have access to the chats. Discord requires you to use the command /new and telegram requires you to press a button. Unfortunately, some people have been (at best) creating bots to join chats or they may be real people, not able to fully understand what this all means for these actions. As such, a lot of users are either idle or are stuck in the Player_Welcome or in the case of Telegram they do not press the button, ultimately being restricted in the process not being able to chat with others or get help with the game if they have questions.

It has come to my attention that bots, or otherwise called, selfbots, which are accounts that are made to join chats to either wait for key words, phrases, and or forms of commands to post something or just sit idle sending information back to the commander of them (host), we strive to keep these chats as safe as possible from them. This is why these actions are required when you join the chats. This is also why we do not allow personally identifiable information such as Phone numbers, Emails, etc, allowed as usernames, display names, and or form of nickname (for more information see: viewtopic.php?f=97&t=1813 or ... vent-rules)

With this in mind, some changes will be made to Discord and Telegram to ensure bots have no place in these chats.
These changes include the following:
1) There will be a manual pruning in the Player Welcome chat every week and you will be notified when this will happen. This is also why normal players or members of the server do not see this chat.
1a) When the pruning starts, each member in the chat will be removed. Also, if you feel that an action made was false you will be required to fill out the form to have the restriction removed. (
1b) After filling out the form, you will be contacted directly with the username provided and or ID. This will be used to verify your identity ONLY. Most actions such as join and leave are logged for this purpose.

2) Do not accept and or send friend requests from whom you do not know.

3) Welcome messages will no longer be publicized in the Discord server to ensure that the security of its members are kept.

4) Dyno will soon see an upgrade to include some safety protocols are met

5) You will have to verify your Email with Discord to be able to join this chat. Current members may not be affected.

Due to telegram limitations, this may be excluded from eligibility from the events and or have support taken from the event as the bots available for Telegram may not support such features.
You will be properly notified when or if this action will be taken!
ℹ) If you do not have access to Discord due to restrictions from your country and or province a channel or spot will be made here on the forum for you to respond to, to continue the event and or get notifications. My only hope is that it does not come to this.

With all said and done, security is priority for its members of these chats and of the game to make sure that it is enjoyable for everyone. This post will be locked within 2 weeks (14 days) to answer any questions or concerns you may have about these actions mentioned above. You can also contact me via Discord Fenrir#7472 or by Telegram @FenrirW.


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