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Event Q&A and Rewards

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Event Q&A and Rewards

Post by Fenrir » Fri Feb 21, 2020 19:09 PM

Here is how the event will go. When the notification gets posted in Telegram and Discord to join the event you would need to fill out a form and wait for it to begin.

General Section

Q: Who can join?
A: Anyone who has filled out the form and can be contacted by Telegram or Discord!

Q: Your probably asking, when does the event start?
A: The event will start March 1st.

Q: When the event starts, how often will the event be?
A: The event will be held weekly. This will give me time to create new markings, encrypt new messages, hide said messages in a gateway, post messages in Discord and on Telegram, instruct the discord bot to post the messages via command and give time to collect the members for each reward from the use of the form you would have filled out.

Q: Your next question might be, Why is the event late?
A: The event may be late because the event is a one man show. This means that as there is one person working on and managing the event as a whole.

Q: Why are the event rules, discord rules, telegram rules so strict?
A: The rules are strict because as this is a hacking simulator, some individuals think that they can use this as a means to either cheat, recruit real hackers, and or find ways to not play fairly. I want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. I want this to also be a means to bring back and bring in new players to the game.

Q: Alright, enough of this waffle, I want to join! Where do I sign up?
A: You can join the event by filling out this form. This form is to track all members that want to join and so that when a section event, or when the event ends. With this we will also use it to track winners and have a list of usernames from the game to where we can award the prizes. And to join the event, here is the link to the form:

There are sections to this event. There are Guild Events and Story Events.

Q: What is the difference between the Guild Events and the Story Events?
Story Event Answer: The story event is an event comprised of events that you need to decrypt messages and follow trails to find answers.

Guild Events Answer: With guild events, there are more! This includes the DDoS of guilds and a chance for larger prizes!

Q: Is there a way to do both?
A: Yes. This option is included in the form!

Q: What are the prizes?
A: Personally, I havent figured that out as of yet. But I am willing to open a poll as for which will be started shortly!

Q: I finished the event and have not been awarded a prize. Where is it?
A: Prizes will be in the pipeline and in your gateway after. I need to coordinate with people to give you the prizes for which will take time.

Q: I use telegram and want to know where to send it!
A: For Telegram users ONLY you would use this link

Q: How do I know what place I am for the event?
A: There will be awarded points per event, and those with the most will have their place in the event!

Q: How are the points counted?
A: When the event is announced there will be a point value posted as well! Those that are the first to submit have the full count. After this each submission has 1 (one) less value. You can view your place by this link. ( ... authuser=0)

⚠ These rewards are set as a baseline and are not final. This will be figured out further in the event. We are going to be working on expanding the amount of submissions in due time. We will also figure out how fast each reward reaches everyone to know the limit.

Story Event Rewards
1st Place 2500 BB
2nd Place 1250 BB
3rd Place 750 BB
4th Place 450 BB
5th Place 250 BB

Guild Event Rewards
1st Place 1500 BB
2nd Place 750 BB
3rd Place 500 BB
4th Place 250 BB
5th Place 250 BB

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