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Hackers Online Discord Server

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Hackers Online Discord Server

Post by Fenrir » Mon Nov 18, 2019 00:19 AM

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Join the Discord server today!
Link to join at the bottom of post!
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Welcome to the Hackers Online discord server
In this server, you will be given the chat room to just chat and accept missions not in the game. These missions can be challenging and encrypted. It is your job to decrypt them and complete the mission.
The mission debrief channel has been created and currently the storyline is under development.

This server has been set up with a multitude of commands. These commands either allow you to join rooms or remove you from rooms. So if you do not understand the command(s) a helpful tool is /cmd.

We welcome all players here. Discord is one of the requirements to join in the mission. This server does still go by the rules of the game, however we are a lot more relaxed. Just don't target others with it. We apologize to all our telegram users who may miss out on this. If you want to take part in the missions and what there is to offer we do encourage to create a discord account. https://discordapp.com/

These missions are only meant to create fun in the game. There will be an attempt to create a mission to reward players in the future. This includes BIG missions that will be made. A third party application will be required to be used so that you can decrypt messages. https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... .decryptor

What we also have in this server is a Leakers Portal, what this means is that by using a command you can anonymously post someone's game IP and if you want.... a message or details of what you found or if you have other intentions what you want done.

To join the server follow the link below and type in the player_welcome chat /new and you will see a prompt so that further options to join the other chat rooms will be available. As you may be new, /cmd will also help you as it will provide you the list of commands and what they do. You can also type /help for the bots to send you the command lists in DM (direct message)

You will need to follow the prompt to get into the server chats. These prompts are sent via discord DM (Direct Message) and in the chat. Prompts are to be submitted to the player_welcome chat (only chat available)

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