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Interfaces: 1- Cyber interface

How to play, tips and tricks and tutorials
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Interfaces: 1- Cyber interface

Post by TeAmEr » Sun Jun 30, 2019 15:54 PM

Previous tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=95&t=1791

1- Cyber-interface:
This is the digital interface of you "Operations Center". From this interface you can
  1. Upgrade your hardware
  2. Build A.I.S.P (Artificial Intelligence Spawn Process)
  3. Build Drones, Drone tools and weapons from the "Tech Equipment > Factory Functions"
  4. Upgrade you Cash-mining hardware under "Trading desk"
  5. Access your gateway files and apps which which include:
    • Telnet: Allows to connect to other Operation centers and attack them
    • Cargo tracker: Shows you the position of your cargo (tracker activates after 24 hour of being picked up by another player)
    • Compiler: Build various cyper-tools, viruses and bots
    • Command and Control: Control your cyber-tools (bot-net-like command center)

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