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2- Gathering resources

How to play, tips and tricks and tutorials
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2- Gathering resources

Post by TeAmEr » Sun Jun 30, 2019 16:16 PM

There are 2 types of resources:
- Digital
- Non-digital

Digital resources:
- Cash
- HackBits

Hackbits are a special currency - Might be removed in the final version.

How to obtain cash:
  1. Crypto-Mining:
    Click on the gears icon of your "trading Desk" device in the cyber-interface, The "G.P.U Miner" is the hardware that does the mining. More info can be found by clicking on the info icon next to the hardware.
  2. Receiving cash from other players:
    Players can send cash to each other from the banks. To send cash:
    - Click on banks
    - Pick a bank you'd like to use
    - Click "Deposit" and Deposit some funds into the bank (moves cash from your main resource balance to your bank account)
    - Click "Send" and send some cash to other player after entering his "Account Number", or enter a guild tag to send cash to the specified guild balance.
  3. Investing or loans:
    You can invest into a bank and get profit every Monday (if the bank is active), or directly take a loan from a bank.
  4. Selling minerals in the market:
    Rare minerals have high price in the market. You can sell minerals in the market by:
    - Placing some minerals in the market by driving your drone there and unloading the mineral cargo
    - Sell
    - Profit
    (How to mine minerals: down below)
Non digital resources:
  • Sand
  • Silicon
  • Carbon
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium
  • Lithium
    (and more coming)
Non-digital resources can be obtained by directly purchasing them from the market or mining them.

To mine for resources, you have to drive your drone on top of a mine, and use the mining tool (if attached to the drone) to mine.
Once the drone is full, or the mine is depleted, you can drive to your market, your operations center or your corporation base/factory/refinery to unload the minerals there.
- When you unload to the market, you can sell the minerals there
- When you unload the minerals in the corporation center, you will give the minerals to the corporation
- When you unload the minerals to a factory or a refinery, they are added to your balance there so you can use them inside the building
- When you unload the minerals to your operations center, those minerals will be added to your resource list and can be used within the operations center (build drones and weapons / upgrade hardware ... etc)

You can also purchase resource from a marked, once purchased, you have to unload the minerals into a container, and go pick it up using a drone.

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