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Worms & HC

Please post feature requests here!
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Worms & HC

Post by yummmyyy » Tue Jun 19, 2018 21:11 PM

I just want to start off saying that I'm very much enjoying the game so far. One suggestion and change that I think everyone would enjoy is to add a popup similar to the Auto Miner Collect (Maybe even add another purchasable file for this) when you log into the game it would show how much your worms have collected while away. I really like the quick popups each time someone collects their miner while I'm logged into the game it's very satisfying, but I would also like to know how much each worm is making me so I can optimize and well, frankly it'll make me happy to see.

I personally would like it to display how much each individual worm file has earned such as: has earned 10,000 HC while away has earned 20 HC while away has earned 100,000HC while away

and so on so forth... I think something to that effect would bring a lot to the game and would certainly increase satisfaction upon login which in return will keep people coming back. :mrgreen:

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