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Sabotage, Special event, Misc

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Sabotage, Special event, Misc

Post by Nachtfalke » Sat Mar 03, 2018 22:44 PM


it is me again and I will post here my latest ideas to - from my point of view - improve the game.

1.) An act of sabotage against other player's computers
At the moment I can only see that the only focus of attacking other players is to gain more and more money (HC). Many trojans and viruses are only there to gain more money. I don't like a game which main focus is on "farming".

In my other thread I wrote that my intention is that someone can hack into a victims computer/network only using exploits.
When you are in the victims network my idea is that you have to "brute force" into the other components like Firewall, IPS, AntiVirus, Miner and so on. This means you cannot just "collect" the money (HC) but you first have to brute force the wallet.

Further I cannot see that you can do anything else useful on the victims host. there is only "uploading viruses" and "delete logs". This is cool and useful but there is nothing more. I would suggest the following:

You can brute force into all hardware (CPU, miner, RAM, ...) and software (FW, AV, PWC; ...) components of the victim. For example when you click on "Firewall" you can brute force to try to get access to the firewall configurationand then decide:

a) "Overload Firewall system":
This would mean that "useless" processes will be started which causes the firewall to run on its limit. A system running on the limit (overload) cannot defend further attacks the same as a "healthy" system would do. In my idea I thought that "overload Firewall system" will reduce the firewall software version by 5% for the next 180min. This can be done by max 6 attackers within these 180min which means that every attacker decreases the firewall software version by 5%. So in addition it can be decreased by max 30% (6x5%). The time of the decrease - 180min - starts with the first hackers action. The time will not increase by further/additional attackers. So independently if there is 1 or 6 attackers this decrease will only last 3h (180min). After this time another attacker can start decreasing the firewall again and time would start again with 180min countdown.

The administrator of the Firewall which is overloaded has the possibility do react and reboot/clean the firewall or just wait until the end of the 180min countdown. Reboot/Clean will take the firewall down completely for e.g. 5min and after that it is running again on "normal" or "healthy" state. While the firewall is rebooting it acts like a version 1.0 firewall.

The same should be possible with AV, Miner, PWC and so on. On hardware components this would result in reduced miner rate, reduced software development, less RAM and lower upload/download speeds.

b) "shutdown firewall":
This means that you will shutdown the victims firewall at all -set it to software version 1.0. So the victim loses all firewall protection for e.g. 60min. If the administrator reacts he can reboot the firewall which takes 5min or the firewall will reboot automatically after the countdown of 60min. Should not be longer than 1h because you can attack a victim only once an hour. So this "hack" should not be for yourself but for attacking a victim from within a guild. So someone is shutting down the firewall and the others can then hack in.

c) "bypassing an IP-address"
This allows you to add an IP-address (or only your own IP address) here so that this (your) IP-address can "bypass" the firewall. "Bypassing" means that the firewall acts as software version 1.0. The bypassing will be active for 120min. So you can add your own IP-address there (no one will see this IP) so you can hack in again after 1h without the firewall beeing active - for your IP connection.
The administrator has the possibility to react and delete the bypassing IP-address which takes 5min, too. For this kind of "attack" the administrator should not get notification via push. He can only see it when he logs in.

To make sure that these features can not be used to easy when brute forcing the "Software" or "Hardware" - depending on the action "Overload", "Shutdown" or "Bypassing" the time to brute force should be increased. It should not be possible that someone hacks into the system, can brute force the miner, shutdown firewall, overload antivirus and PWC and still has 15s left to delete logs.

Perhaps there can be some other kind of hack/sabotage which could be fun. But the idea behind that is that you can try to disable/reduce the defense of an enemy for a specific time and then your guild members can get into the vicitims system easier and have more time to upload malware.
Further it would add some possibilities on the victims host instead of only farming and deleting logs.

2.) File System Scanner
This is another piece of software I don't think is very useful at the moment. Often it is blocked by antivirus and if it is not you find a few HC - thats all for the next hour.

I would like to see an improvement the scanner can do or needs to be used for. When you are on a victims computer/network you have to search the file system for the software configuration files for e.g. "Firewall" or "AntiVirus" and so on.

So after you logged in you find nothing else instead of the "log file directory", the "miner wallet" and the "/bin" directory to upload files. So to get access to the configuration files of "Firewall", "AntiVirus", "Hardware components" and so on you need to do the files system scan. Depending on your FSS version the time to find these configuration files takes more or less time. Depending on the AntiVirus of the victim the chance to find (all or only a part) configuration files will decrease.

Depending if there will be exploits or patches in the game in the future I would like to see that the FSS is able to find exploits and patches on the victims computer you can download. You will not be able to delete them but you are able to make a copy of maximum 1 exploit and maximum 1 patch. So if you don't want to buy or develop exploits/patches/signatures - like described in my other thread - you can copy them and use it for yourself.

Another possibility could be that you can get knowledge of the victims software versions. If the victim has a Firewall software version of 10.0 and your software version of Firewall is less than 10.0 then you have the possibility to "find some knowledge" of Firewalling to upgrade your firewall by 0.1. So this should only be possible if your versions is less than the version of the victim and of course it should not happen with every hack ;-) I am not sure if this is possible at the moment, too, so I write it here to make sure someone knows about that ;-)

From my perspective this would give the FSS an additional usecase. With the above new fuctionalities it must be possible to use the FSS more often than 1x an hour - or perhaps you can only use it e.g. 6 times an hour and this would make sure that you cannot shutdown to many firewalls - like I described in number 1.)

3.) Regular password reset
We are hacking victim's computers using bruteforce but there is no chance to change the password of your computer in the game. So I could imagine a functionality to reset your computer's password every 2h - like you can do with the AntiVirus Scan every 2h. So at one day an administrator can change the password maximum 12x times. So the game can do a calculation over one week for this administrator. 7x12 = 84 maximum password changes a week. An administrator who changes his password regularly will get no penalty when beeing brute forced. Someone who changes his password very seldom will have a penalty when an attacker tries to brute force his system, firewall, wallet, configuration files, ...

This needs to be balanced but I try to give you an example what the penalty could look like - even if I do not know the calculations in the background and if the amount of seconds make sense:
Changing password more than 80% (>67,2 of 84 times): 0s penalty - or perhaps a bonus (5s reduced time for the attacker)
Changing password 80 - 60% (>50,4 of 84 times): 5s penalty - attacker has +5 more time (back trace)
Changing password 60 - 40% (>33,6 of 84 times): 10s penalty - attacker has +10 more time (back trace)

4.) Special Event - Slow motion
I played another game which had a for me new and special typ of gameplay. I will call it "slow motion". So at the moment we are playing the game in "real time" and "normal speed". So a hack takes up to ~60s. The idea of "Slow motion" would be that every action you do takes e.g. 30x times the "real time" or "normal speed". So if back trace is 60s it will be 1800s in slow motion. brute forcing of 3s will be 90s and so on.

The idea behind is not only that a hack will take more time but it should open possibilities of the administrator of the victims computer to counteract the attack while the attack is going on. So this idea is not final but I want to show you some example:

- An attacker starts to scan the victim or is already brute forcing the victim's wallet or firewall config or file system scan.
- The attacker can do up to three things at the same time like brute forcing the wallet, do a file system scan and uploading files or change firewall configuration files (shutdown, overload, ... - see number 1.)
- The administrator (defender) will get a push notification or a "warning LED" will show op on his console that an attack is going on
- The administrator can now start to analyse what is going on - e.g. with the FSS. The result could be:
a) attacker is brute forcing your wallet - mitigation time takes 13s
b) attacker is uploading wannacry virus - mitigation time takes 22s
c) attacker is doing a firewall overload - mitigation takes 43s
(The seconds are just examples and probaly not useful). What I want to show here is that we can try to simulate a real time hack but we will not have the time to defend/mitigate all hacks because the attacker's progress is to far compared to mitigation time or the attacker is doing to many attacks the same time and we can only defend one after another while the attacker can do them in parallel. Of course this would be only possible if we increase the "gameplay time" by a high factor. So if an administrator gets the push notification with a delay of lets say 60s (phone in deep sleep or no mobile connections, ...), then is logging in and doing the analysis, then needs some time to decide what to do, it should not all be to fast.

The other game I was talking about the normal time was e.g. 2min and the "slow motion time" was 2h or more. So a fight there which took in normal time only a few minutes took a few hours or days in "slow motion" time. So you could log in, you saw what the enemy is doing and you see that this attack takes 1h 40min, then you had enough time to decide what you want to do. Then you had the chance to logout and come back 1h 30min to think about your next steps.

So personally I think it could be really fun to do a hack which takes several minutes, perhaps you can talk with your guild members and talk about the next steps and best strategies.

If you are attacking you can see that your brute force attack against the wallet takes 2min 45s. Then you see that the administrator is counteracting this attack but you don't know if he will succeed and how long his counteracting takes. So you can decide if you go on with this attack or if you cancel this attack to use the resources for the other 2 ongoing attacks.

The attack should be in a position to start 3 parallel attacks while the administrator (defender) can only mitigate one attack at once.

5) Misc
The IP bookmark list is not very helpful if you have many IPs in there. I would like to see:
- a possibility to add a flag to an IP address. Having different flags I can use for whatever I want. E.g. if I could not delete my IP address on the victim's computer because of bug, lag, my stupidness then I want to mark this IP so that I can clear the IP address 1h later. Or I can mark it because this IP address has two miners I would like to farm or because I am on the blacklist or whatever.

- In the search field it is only possible to search for "names". Would be nice to search for an IP-address there, too. If I copy the IP from a mission, add it to my favorites and it is already there then I have to scroll through all IPs to find the correct one.

- Having some kind of "filter" on the IP bookmark list like "rep higher than 500" or "can be hacked/already hacked" or depending on the "flag" I configured.

- I would like to see some functionality where I can add notes. Just something where I can add any freetext information I like and only I can see.

- Some functionality like "I am on vacation". This will make your IP immune against attacks but you cannot research or generate HCs. You can activate this function e.g. 5 times a year and ist must be at least 2 weeks. This should prevent that you lose reputation when you are on vacation, that your IP will be on the "missions" list or someone can upload viruses/trojans or - perhaps in later game versions - you will lose exploits or patches.

- I would like to save a "bounce list" as a template or as several templates. So if I would like to attack someone I just load my template and add the vicitim I am focussing on.

- Deleting a host form the "favourite list" can be done with a "long click". copy the IP address with a short click. Deleting an IP-address from the bounce list is only possible via the red "x". I would suggest the following for favourite and bounce list:
a) moving an IP from left to right and vice versa via "double tap"
b) deleting an IP from the bounce list or favourite list via a long click
c) copy an IP-address with a single tap on the IP
e) using the extra space of the text field to add a "mark/flag"

6.) Logging:
I would like to see more logging capabilities and perhaps with longer history. At the moment there is only the firewall log. I would like to have a "Logging center" which offers me information about:
- Firewall log (same as in the game already) but with longer history.
- Syslog (All information I now get via "Toast/Push" message like: "Upgrade finished," "you have been hacked", "someone is blacklisted", "AntiVirus deleted files" and so on. I would like to see all these events in a system log with timestamp - only visible for me, not for other players and other players can not delete it.
- I don't want this only as a push notification. I would like to have an option in settings to disable push notifications.
- Perhaps you can add an additional hardware/software like "syslog database server" which can be upgraded like RAM and CPU. With level 1 DB server you can maximum save 25 IP addresses in your "favourite list" and maximum 5 IP addresses in your firewall log and 10 in your syslog. With every new database server upgrade your log history will increase.

7.) Highscore
I would like to see some other funny information there like:
- top 10 hosts which were attacked the most in last 24h
- top 10 hosts which could defend/blacklist and attack/attacker
- top 10 hosts which started the most attacks in the last 24h (successfully + failed)

Kind regards

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