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Tutorial Translations! Earn BB!

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Tutorial Translations! Earn BB!

Post by UwZerokoolX » Sun Jun 04, 2017 16:45 PM

Hackerz Online is in need of assistance in making translated video and written tutorials. (Tutorials other than English, unless it is needed. No Double Copies!)

-The reward will be 1.2k - 2.4k BB per a quality video tutorial.

-1.2k BB for a quality written tutorial.

-Tutorials on how to register and signup will be worth 1.2k BB depending on the complexity (must have two).

-There will be no limit since game is always updating. And it CANNOT be a copy of an existing tutorial. If there are two submitted, the best quality tutorial will be picked and that user will earn the reward. But it has to be of good quality, readable/watchable, and detailed.

-Make sure to use the Alpha server! To protect yourself and have the resources to do things.

-After completed, please post them here, along with your in-game username.

-I will be going through the tutorials and gathering a list of names who have contributed to tutorial translations every Monday before 11 PM Eastern Standard Time and then submitting them for award. Thank you.

-Please make sure yours is submitted before then or it will be another week before it is considered for payment.

Please spread the word. Thank you.


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Re: Tutorial Translations! Earn BB!

Post by Deadmau5 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 03:31 AM



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