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Fastest Hacker Challenge

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Fastest Hacker Challenge

Post by UwZerokoolX » Mon Oct 02, 2017 19:26 PM

First person to reach 500 successful miners collected, before the next server restart, and send a screenshot to, will win 5k BB.

1st person will win 5k BB, 2nd person will win 2.5k BB, 3rd person will win 1k BB, everyone else that reaches the goal gets a 500 BB prize.

Winners will be processed in the order of which they are received, by e-mail timestamp. Remember to E-MAIL your results to

This event will start today in approximately two and a half hours and will end twenty four hours later. Make sure to have your screenshots in before the challenge ends (aka the next server restart).

Server restart is at 11:59pm or 2359 server time.

Thank you,
HO Administrator



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