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a guild is recruiting

This area will be the area to find guilds who are recruiting.
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a guild is recruiting

Post by Fenrir » Tue Jan 02, 2018 22:57 PM

Guild Prefix: [Top Secret]
Guild Name: [Top Secret]
Guild status:Stoped

***When you are accepted or are in the guild your in-game IP is subject to being leaked without warning when the test is completed or in progress at any time***

I will be making a guild mainly for experimental purposes as such i am looking for 19 members to apply for the guild
there are a few things i request when u enter
Do NOT DDos the guild till the test is completed or has been said in chat or been kicked from the guild
Do NOT hack other members or virus as this is a neutral zone till the test is complete
Do NOT share the IPs of any of the members in the guild as it is a neutral zone for testing only
There are no requirements to join the guild but the reputation required to enter

there will be a telegram group to accommodate for the testing where information will be saved or sent to
this guild will also function as a guild till the requirements are compleate

If a member has requested to be kicked they will still be in the telegram chat and is recommended as to stay till the operation of the test is complete
when the member has requested to leave they are also required to not share the information till the word is given by the leader of the guild

This information and post is subject to change according to where is available and or applicable upto being canceled or deleted

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Re: a guild is recruiting

Post by LakuBhai69 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:58 PM

Can I know what are u testing?

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