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WOLF is recruting

This area will be the area to find guilds who are recruiting.
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WOLF is recruting

Post by ElectricWolf » Fri Sep 15, 2017 06:17 AM

The Wolf Pack is recruiting and is looking for 10 (ten) members

the requirement to join the guild is 3082 (may change and or not be updated in a timely manner)
-however you may need telegram to start the entrance to W0LF
you can find me there @FenrirW as i may not be on here enough to answer you questions in a timely manner
-from there you will be provided a 1 (one) time use link to discord and given the Member role to start chatting amongst the current guild members and or would be guild members
each guild member applicant will be provided with the rules of W0LF via email from the game Hackers Online (5 Every 24 hours)
once the guild has its five members this post may and or will be ignored or removed
Please do not spam the telegram link and or its user(s) with requests to join
-fail to do so will result in all future applications to be muted and your application being revoked (denied)
you may also apply via pm on the forum

the rules are simple and straight to the point on the discord server:
- A verified email address is required
- Treat everyone there with the respect you deserve
- Keep weblinks clean
- No foul language and or censoring
- no spamming
- attempting to use admin codes are prohibited (not allowed) on the discord server
- inappropriate user names will be warned to change them

warnings will be handed out by staff of the discord server
If you fail to do so you will be kicked from the server and have your application revoked (denied)
mainly keep the room family friendly, we are a kind bunch and wish to have a friendly atmosphere
we help each other out and would like everyone to do the same

these tasks to join W0LF are required of all members and to make sure you are you and not someone or something is posing as you

thank you for reading this and hope to talk to you soon

Guild Information:
Wolf theme with wolf themed roles
we speak English here and would like the same of all users
all guild chat has moved from in-game to discord
6 spot(s) left

how to apply
telegram: @FenrirW
discord: WOLF | FenrirWolf#7472
on either route a 1 (one) time link will be given

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Re: WOLF is recruting

Post by TimesOfGaming » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:15 AM

Sooner or later more people will be "Howling" in chat x'D
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Axle Greyson Archer
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Re: WOLF is recruting

Post by Axle Greyson Archer » Fri Sep 15, 2017 23:20 PM

TimesofGaming they are already howling

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