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AUG-UPDATE and what may will change on player side

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AUG-UPDATE and what may will change on player side

Post by DocvalE » Sat Jul 21, 2018 17:23 PM

Hello my friends,

I was very quiet for some time. I know and sorry for that.
The info about the new update woke me up.

When the info was out I saw some player screaming and crying in chat about they can´t pay the upgrades. After reading the Infos I had to laugh :mrgreen:... :mrgreen: sorry!

Every beginner should buy the 500k HC from shop at the beginning and upgrade all the hardware and do the tutorial missions. Did they finished this periode it´s all up to the skill of the player to get HC from doing some hacks. Yes and it´s a matter of certain time also. Till 2k rep it´s a period of learning. Reduce the mistakes and better you are.

I am absolutly with Teamer to reduce the amount of HC and that will have 1 effect only. You have to hack twice you do know for the same amount of HC. That ´s the only kinda negative effect, but for me it´s a possitive effect too. I will tell you. The smart hackers will succeed.
Coordinate and think about the player you like to farm. The game is going to get new tools and opens many new doors.
Finally the specializations of those who did will take effect.
I can promise leaked IPs will have much fun :evil:
The offensive skilled players will enjoy the new tools most. But the best tip was and still is STAY STEALTH

Additional the guilds get more involved and a smart spy can get more infos than the DC IP. More details will follow. Be curious about that :mrgreen:
I hope I have the time to test them and update the guides during my holidays. I don´t know who told it Teamer :?: :lol:

I hope who was afraid of the upgrade is cool now. The effects will bring much more fun into the game. Thrust me hackerz out there!

quote for Teamer:

The content of your planed epic isn´t really epic to be honest. What do you think about my suggestion?

Epic packages:
chance to get:
-- 1000 BB
-- 3-5 instant sofware updates
- - ip changer
- - Wanna Cry worm
- - 2-3 log releters

Sincerely Doc
👁เดค👁🖖 Doc 👿

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