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A lot of coding

General conversation about the game and game/forum recommendations.
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A lot of coding

Post by MegaScrub » Fri Apr 06, 2018 19:47 PM

I have a bunch of suggestions which could help the game to be more interesting. There's one idea that affects most of the rest which I will explain after one thing, and all of them assume we have some kind of exponential ai sniffing like we had before, but (maybe) modified.

First, the ai sniffing problem:
This problem is there because noobs wouldnt be able to do anything at all to very active or old players, or even reach them, and it would be a very "unfair" growth, however, I dont think it's that way, everyone who played enough would be able to get to them thanks to the same exponential growth. There are other problems, however, and it's that the sniffing at a high level is most of the time annoying and the gains are so huge that they can get to the point of no return, never having anyone able to beat them, not even another one of the same level.
There are some changes I can think of that can help this, first, an S function for the sniffing.


When the ai gets to a certain level the sniffing increase slows down and "stops" at a point, so a v100 would have a similar algo obtain than a v300, making the leveling up more linear once that point is reached.
This could cause debate so I'd suggest voting about it.

Second, making very high sw to be harder to upgrade, making them cost 2 or more algos per level instead of 1, significantly slowing upgrading but not the "joy" of going so high, still getting tons of stuff.

This is not a way to fix the stuff but if the sniffing comes back I'd suggest a button to not sniff, in case the players wants to do quick stuff or the 10 min thing has been already used.

Now to the main suggestions.

1 Algorithm currency

In the next suggestions I will make there's this thing that affects all of them, having algorithms as a way of making, buying or upgrading stuff would add a good mechanic for medium-high level players, making the game more interesting for those that played enough, and also slowing their upgrading down if they want to use the mechanics. Some people might be confused at the name having "currency" in it, just to make it clear the algos wont and shouldnt be able to be traded between players, only through the stuff i will add below.

2 The Forge

This needs a more "hacky" name, this has been suggested many times in different ways, you will see:
What this will do is remove the worms and virus options in the shop and replace them with a "Forge", where you will be able to build your own viruses or worms, what i suggest for this is having different "boxes" that you can select for your virus or worm to have what is in the boxes, such as history delete, log delete, steal X%, having self-replication, botting for ddos, making it harder to be deleted, etc. and if someone adds the worm box a bar should show up to select the % you want for it to steal. This comes with costs and limitations, of course: The stronger a virus or worm is the more it would cost in an exponential way.
So lets say, for example, you want a 1% worm that lasts for 1 day, it would cost 50k hc, the same worm for 7 days would cost 500k, 15 days 3m, the same worm with 7% and 1 day would cost 200k, i dont know, the math gets complicated. So, after a certain point the worm will start asking for algos and not just hc, for example a wcry: 15m hc & 5 algos, whatever the thing created the stronger it is the more costly it would be. The reassembler of the player should also be put in the equation, the stronger it is the more hc and/or algos it would take to make the same worm. The algorithms used should also make kind of sense, a bot should use ai, tracer and/or any algos (lets say you want a strong bot, other than the hc it would cost X ai algos, Y tracer and Z any, in any you can use any algos you have) and you can figure out the rest.

There must be limits to what you can do in the forge: the ammount of days, % for worms, the strenght of the increased survivability, the hc used (so very high level players dont get a 10m basic log virus), etc. Do not limit the number of algos unless you use the S function.

Something else, there can be added buffs and debuffs to build in the forge, one being able to use them on specific targets or themselves and last for a maximum of an hour, the debuffs on players should only affect the player who used them, let me explain: 3 players are around, A debuffs B, A beneficts from the debuff as B cant do as much to A but C does not benefict from the debuff, C would see B as normal while A sees B debuffed.

3 Guilds Upgrade

Adding permanent or temporal upgrades or buffs for guilds to benefict being in them other than just the lame "I want to be with you" "Makes miners warm longer".

Permanent upgrades:
Guild storage: Well, this is self explanatory. This stores HC and algos. Algos can get added in the storage but CANNOT be taken back, in a way that any algos that are added they just turn into a number shown in storage: "Algorithms: X". There should also be a warning for this if a player wishes to add algos.

Guild back-tracer: This thing must have a level limit at 10 id say, each upgrade decreases the timer for every player in the guild by 1 or 0 seconds (lvl 1: -1, lvl 2: -1, lvl 3: -2, etc) with another limitant being that if the player has a tracer that puts the back tracing under 8 seconds this thing does not have any effect, however, if many players use the jammer and get their way above 8 seconds then this applies until it reaches 8 (lets say the jammers get the thing to 9 seconds and the guild bt decreases 2, it would stay on 8 and not go below, but if it goes to 10 or above, then the -2 would always apply)

Guild Firewall: each level increasing the strenght of each player's firewall by 1%.
Guild pwc: same thing as above.
Guild AV: this av should be very strong compared to a normal one and would scan all of the guild members, only being able to be used once a day and having the upgrades be more costly than that of guild fw and pwc.

and whatever good ideas might appear.
Each of the upgrades have to use up huge ammounts of hc and algos, increasing exponentially, so that guilds of smurfs cant benefict much from them. All of the upgrades have to be unlocked (bought) to be used, with the lvl 1 storage being the exception. And all of the upgrades should take up to 2 days, no more than that, we are taking in count that theres no way to speed them up and there shouldnt be.

Temporal buffs and debuffs:

These can be either bought or upgraded with a limit to the ammount used per day or in storage.

FW, PWC, Scanner boosters: They boost your stuff by either 25% or an X% depending on the upgrade level and last for half an hour for all guild members.

FW, PWC interruptors: They decrease a specific targets offense and/or defense to your guild's members by 10-25% or the X% and can be used once a day. (explain: all guild members will be able to benefict from the debuff if they wish to hack the debuffed target but any players out of the guild wont see the debuffed player as debuffed and wont benefict from him as the guild members would) The debuffed player's ip and debuff used should show in the guild board.

Another mechanic would be for when the guild is about to be destroyed: if the ddos metter is completely full, the guild leader has a 24 hour period in which he can rebuild the guild by using the same ammount of bb they would use to make a new one, all players in the guild can choose to leave the guild or stay, if they choose to stay and the leader doesnt rebuild it in the 24 hour period they just dont get back in and the guild is deleted. When the guild is destroyed and that thing is sent, anything stored in the guild would be stolen by all the guilds that participated in destroying it, leaving it at 0s, any upgrades they did would be rollback by a few levels and the hc/algos used for the upgrades would also go to the destroyers and the guild's ip and files would be changed once it is rebuilt. The miners should still remain cold for the usual period of time.

For the destroyers, the riches won should depend on their participation.

The end... for now.
Any numbers i used in the examples are that, examples, i do not think those numbers should be the ones added.
If i see anything to add to this massive thing I will but not now, spent like 2 hours doing this.

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Re: A lot of coding

Post by wolverine_491 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 14:43 PM

I agree with you
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