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Hardware and Software Info

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Hardware and Software Info

Post by UwZerokoolX » Sat Mar 11, 2017 23:10 PM

Hardware Maximum Levels and info:

CPU: 32 64 x 3.27 Ghz

The faster your CPU the faster your gateway is!
-When you upgrade your CPU, you give your A.I. the ability to upgrade your software faster.
-Faster CPU means faster password cracking.

Miner (Basic):16 16Ghz
Miner_L (Advanced Max 2): 18

-Miners are speacial Hardware that do millions of hashing per second to mine a hackcoins. Just like Bitcoin Miners.
-Empty miners will work very fast to generate HC, so they heat up!
-Hot miners cannot be hacked.
-Warm miners can be hacked.
-Cold miners can be hacked, as well as, collection from the wallet.

-Miners get WARM when they reach:
A) 1% full (When not in a guild)
B) 5% full (When in a guild)
C) Are always warm when in a destroyed guild for 24 hours.

-Miners become COLD (will lose percentage of your already collected HC) when miner is:
A) 5% (When not in a guild)
B) 25% (When in a guild)
C) Always cold when in a destroyed guild for 24 hours.

-Being in a guild helps protect your HC; if the guild is taken down, your miner will remain COLD for 24 hours due to the datacenter cooling system working in emergency mode.
-If your HC is stolen, you will lose some reputation. The reputation points are calculated based on the difference between the attacker and the victim.

NET: 16 512mb

-Faster uploads and downloads of files.
-Faster response to commands.
-A little bit faster connection and cracking password.

RAM: 18 256GB

Upgrade for:
-Ability to upgrade more software at a time.
-Connect through more bounce nodes.
-Run more apps at the same time.

Software, is set to infinite as of this moment:

Generic Artificial Intelligence - Short name: A.I.

-The better the A.I. the better the package it finds when you hack someone, and it can find more apps and packages.
-Main function is to optimize the algorithms in your software profiles. (Makes software's stronger/More efficient on top of the leveling)
-Each upgrade slightly increases overall software speed. (Less time to upgrade)
-Helps in cracking passwords and decrypting files.
-Makes tracing hackers a little bit faster; helping in blacklisting their IP.
-Can identify new types of viruses and reports them back to Okitoo Networks Company.

Antivirus - Short name: A.V.

-An attacker will collect a percentage from your collected Hack Coin (HC) wallet if your miner is COLD. The antivirus helps save a percentage of the HC the attacker is stealing.
-Will automatically delete viruses uploaded by other players (if the virus was made using an SDK which is lower than your AV).

Firewall - Short name: F.W.

-Decreases time needed to trace hackers when they try to break in.
-Increases the blacklisting time when a hacker is caught.
-Increases the time needed to crack your password.

Password Cracker - Short name: P.C.

- Cracks the password of login screens that your gateway is connected to. This tool must be applied manually by clicking its icon when connected to the target gateway. (Blue icon at the top right corner)
-Cracking the password will trigger (after you hit the blue button) the attackee's (the person you are attacking) gateway to start tracing you. If the trace timer runs out you will be caught, blacklisted, and will lose reputation points.
-The higher the version, the faster gateway passwords are cracked.
Note: If you are blacklisted, go to the on your desktop and purchase a log deleter to remove your IP off their list. You will still be blacklisted but your IP will not be compromised if the owner did not see it and add your IP.

Back-Tracing tool - Short name: B.T.

-Will track down any hacker who tries to gain access to your gateway within an allotted time.
-The higher the version, the faster the hacker is traced and locked out of your system.

As of this moment, it is not known whether one software profile counters the other in regards to trace time and so on. We will have to wait for more details from the developer. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding any of the above information.

Thank you,



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