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[4th guide] hacking guide part I

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[4th guide] hacking guide part I

Post by DocvalE » Fri Apr 24, 2020 15:40 PM

Hello together my friends of darkness :mrgreen:,

after almost 3 months it's time to revise the first version extensively and I'm afraid it won't be the last time.
Only two algorithms and one virus have been added since the game started, oh I forgot the gateways, but this has led to some tactical shifts, which of course need to be comprehensively illuminated *arg light*

How do I connect to the target, directly or via bounce?

I will give you my view on the many small things that have an influence on the probability that your IP will be leaked.
First of all a very big praise to our developer. I haven't found a single way to keep the IP permanently undetected. Even if you don't hack, the IP will be leaked as a mission after 2 days.
So this is not an alternative, whereas who downloads a game just to chat or to improve his English. You probably realize so slowly that I consider many parameters and also like to look beyond the edge.
This article is also less a guideline for you, how it would be best, but should show you the advantages and disadvantages of each variant. What you then choose as the optimum for you is, as always, in the eye of the beholder.
Since it is always the deepest night for me in the realm of shadows, I would be the wrong advisor for "zero visibility" anyway
:mrgreen: .

direct connection


Your IP is the shortest time visible in the gateway.
If you are fast, the IP should be deleted after about 7 seconds.

assumed hack time
- 2-3 s Connection time to the gateway
- 3 s PW crack (2-x s may occur here, depending on the firewall "FW" of the target).
- 2-3 s click log and delete the IP

It is the most convenient option if you go on rounds like me and have to visit many patients every day who have the infamous "Full Miner Syndrome".


- You are immediately exposed if the player is online, randomly looks in the log and/or has watch dog "WD" and looks in the log based on the watch dog's report.

- When using the Target Analyzer "TA", the time your IP stays in the log of the target will be extended. I would start at about 5 seconds. Keep in mind that this time is not only visible from the target itself, but also from every player who has the IP of the target and has just had the same idea. For this reason alone, and if you just want to have a look at the gateway, the "TA" should only be used with bounce.
In relation to Watch Dog "WD" the "dog" †RIP† *insider* barks "by connect" to the gateway, but not if you have the IP in the middle of the bounce list.
I hope dev will still arm or change the mode of operation as described "by connect". Then things will look completely different and even bouncing with active players will backfire :mrgreen:
But at this point, a few more words at the end of the guide.

-You have the compulsion, that is absolute PRIORITY is that you have to delete your IP!
For this you have to plan about 4-6 s. Under bad performance also longer.
Currently it even happens that you delete an IP in the log and can't do anything for the whole time. But this happens very rarely, if I deduce this from my number of hacks on the incidents. But the result can hurt. You are blacklisted!
You will lose reputation! The IP is in the log at least once more! In this case you can either use the ai log deleter "aldi" for the meagre investment of 1.975 mio hc or the probably equivalent variant but without costs, if you quickly ask someone in the guild to delete the IP.

assumed hack time
- 2-3 s Connection time to the gateway
- 3 s PW cracking
- 2-3 s call the log and delete the IP
- 2-4 s miner plumb and disconnect

Time in gateway: 4-7 s

bounce connection


-Your IP cannot be intercepted directly from the target.
The more bounces you use, the more time it takes the player to get to your IP. Calculate the above time per bounce accordingly. I recommend you, always assume an absolute top player, who plays tactically on the edge of perfection. With this you play it safe :mrgreen: .

-You don't even have to worry about IP-deletion and can invest all your time for your project in the gateway. It doesn't matter if you want to copy a worm, virus, transfer files to your gateway or refresh your list with new IPs.

-With the "TA" the use of one or more bounces has the advantage that you may only want to look and not necessarily hack. This also allows the "smaller players" to look through the window of the "big players". At least as far as your "TA" lets you :mrgreen:

assumed hack time
- 2-3 s Connection time to the gateway
- 3 s PW cracking
- 2-4 s miner plumb and disconnect

Time in gateway: 2-4 s

retrace time je boune

Here I go from an active player who is online and reacts to his "WD".

1. bounce:
- 2-3 s call firewall log and save IP *This point occurs only once per trace!*
- 2-4 s Select IP and connect
- 2-3 s crack *Can be higher if the password cracker "PWC" is low.
- 2-5 s log, save IP and disconnect

Minimum about 8 s

every further bounce:
- 2-4 s Select IP
- 2-3 s crack *Can be higher if the password cracker "PWC" is low.
- 2-5 s log, save IP and disconnect

Minimum about 6 s


Your IP is visible longer in the first bounce. So you have to connect directly to this gateway to delete the TWO IPs.
Do not underestimate the factor of chance in this game. I have been in the same gateway with another hacker several times.
The risk can be minimized with a dead account, which ideally is not used by another hacker.

How can this be applied in practice now?

Basically, it is always advisable to go over bounce and thus minimize the risk of a leak.
If you like to sneak up on active players as much as I do, or if you simply accept an IP leak, you can also connect directly. Just be aware of the extra time to delete the IP in the gateway.

To avoid the risk of being blacklisted "BL" at the beginning, we recommend using the TA. However, this only displays the trace time. Now you need the crack time for an exact value. Try to deduce from players of the same rep height at the beginning.
I recommend to get IPs. Until the first IP change just test everything painlessly and make your own experiences. As soon as you have a small stock of IPs, including some inactive and unfrequented gateways, you can start.

You have made your first experiences with bounce and "TA" and finally reach an acceptable balance in the 6-digit range. Then let's start something.
Now comes a few ways to place viruses safely. The basic requirement is of course that you have the time in the gateway of the target to copy.
This is especially tight for worms with 10 seconds of pure copy time. If you have 12 seconds or less in the gateway, I do not recommend you to place the virus.
With 12 s it is just about possible if you are very fast with your fingers.

Procedure in 12 s

You're in the Gateway. Click on "files/etc/bin", one after the other of course and then immediately on upload *arrow down*.
As soon as the upload bar appears, click twice on "log". The first time clear the monitor and move the bar over the trace time. Now you have time to delete the IP address, to loot miner or whatever you want.
I recommend to cut the connection at 1 s, this is already close enough and the risk to land on "BL" and lose rep senselessly is not worth it.

If you are a guild leader or co-leader, I recommend a special extension of the bounce hacking, the shadow hacking.
This is a collaboration of an offensive player with high "PWC" with a defensive player.
The genius of this method is that even for the best hacker you only need one bounce to retrace.
Arrange a bounce, of course an orphaned and quiet IP.

shadow hack

The Off is hacking into the gateway.
As soon as the Off is in the gateway, has deleted its IP and has not found a completely fresh IP, the Def connects to its destination via the bounce.
As soon as the IP is visible, it is deleted by the Off.
So you can also play as a leader and/or co-leader with an aggressive way of playing paired with an extremely high degree of security.
Here the probability is higher that a player has also connected by chance and has deleted his in the gateway before the off, than that the actual target of the leader sees the IP.
Ideally, the IP is deleted the moment it appears. The technical minimum values would allow the off, even against a bot, a time span of 4-5 s or more to delete the leader's IP.

If you have a lot of time in the gateway, you can even do other transactions or manipulations in parallel.
You can upload another worm.
You can download "DC" data or "DC" file. *"DC"=Data center
You can change the message.txt in the var folder.
The transaction time of the executed actions was unchanged no matter how many copy operations are running in parallel and the time is not doubled, like for example the time of software upgrades.

So far you would have to copy any malware to etc/bin at the target. An executable is not required.

Attack of a guild

To attack a datacenter "DC" you need a file from the leader and co-leader of a guild. You can find this data in the folder home/security. It always carries the tag of the guild, which is shown again on the initial screen.
Decrypt the file with the key and you can attack a guild with the Bot Creator.
As soon as you have fed the creator with the IP, a new folder will appear in which the bot is. Just place it at the known location of active players. Only a login of the target activates the bots.

Finally, as announced, a few words about bouncing, because unfortunately a lot of people misunderstand and pull your 9 or more hacks over a first bounce.
The ideal way to use the bounce is to do one hack, delete the bounce list except for the first bounce, hack into it and delete the two IPs. Also spreading the IP of a high rep player with always the same bounces can quickly backfire if you are unlucky.
Keep in mind that these players have a very good stock of hc and pay the 2 million forn aldi from petty cash. Furthermore, an A.I of 25 will delete over 40 log entries (A.I of 70 will delete 138 log entries). This means that you have to spend a lot of time spreading the word at least 2-4 times a day. Everything below that is hardly noticeable.
In addition, the TA and thus for you the exclusivity of an IP should increase in value.
The most valuable IP is the one that only YOU have.
The best advantage for you is an advantage for you and not an alleged disadvantage of the other :mrgreen:

Now you have all the basic information and can combine these different variants.

Have fun and there is only one thing left to say.

I can show you the way but you have to go it alone.
👁เดค👁🖖 Doc 👿

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