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Advanced HO Tactics

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Advanced HO Tactics

Post by tabun » Wed May 30, 2018 14:47 PM

This guide assumes that you already know the game basics and have all hardware upgraded with respectable software levels - especially AI and Password Cracker.

The 7-second Quick Collect

As you know, in order to have the full backtrace time on any player, you must wait 1 hour between hacks on that player. If you hack someone and try to hack them again immediately, the backtrace time will begin at 7 seconds. This is hardly much time to do anything worthwhile after the 3 second (or more) cracking time...or is it?
When you hack someone, you should ALWAYS note what your cracking time is. This is important, and will determine if you can use this method or not. If your cracking time is 3 or 4 seconds, you can use this method. It is possible at 5 seconds on some devices, but highly risky and not recommended.
Scenario: You try to collect someone's miner, but their miner is hot and cannot be collected because it was recently collected. When this happens, you need to do two things:
1. Note the exact time the miner will be ready to collect.
2. Subtract 6 seconds from that time to allow for connect/crack time and then set a timer for that time on your device under Clock or another device that has a countdown timer.

When the timer goes off, use a bounce list to hack that person again (you must bounce in because you will have NO TIME to delete your logs) and quickly collect that miner and disconnect. This works only if you are fast, but it has worked for myself and many others for quite a while.

The Unstoppable History Delete

This may seem like common sense, but if you want your history delete virus to work 100% of the time, you can do two things:
1. Make sure your victim is offline first and plant it so it will execute the moment they log in, before they have a chance to run AV scan.
2. If the person is online, upload your virus approximately a few seconds before server reset so that your upload finishes around 5 seconds before the reset.

Making The Most Out of Missions

If your mission list has 2 or more delete logs or collect missions on the same person, you can actually get a collect and delete logs plus another collect or delete logs mission accomplished on the same hack if there is enough backtrace time.
Accept the first collect and/or delete logs mission. Set up a full bounce list to give you the most backtrace time. Hack the person and collect the miner and/or delete the 2 logs necessary to complete the mission. Then immediately click the mission button, go to Find Missions and accept the next collect or delete logs mission, switch back to the connection screen and collect the other miner or delete 2 more logs to complete the 2nd mission you accepted.

The Guildless DDOS Attack

Everyone reading this should be familiar with how to ddos a guild. But there is an additional way to ddos a guild that definitely has its advantages and that's the ddos that shows nobody attacking. There are a number of reasons to do this:
1. You may not want the guild to know it was you or your guild that started the attack.
2. You may want to create chaos amongst the members of the guild being attacked by having them second guess the loyalty of each other.
3. You were given the dcip by someone wanting to remain anonymous and don't want the leader and members of the guild being attacked constantly hounding you about who the informant is.

You accomplish this attack very simply. You must be kicked from your guild before you create the ddos bot with the bot creator. Once the bot has been created, you may rejoin your guild, put the bot in your bin folder and reboot.
Obviously this method requires that the guild leader be online to accept you back into the guild (especially if you want to show everyone in chat that it couldn't be you because you're in a guild :lol:) and usually requires multiple people being kicked and all creating guildless ddos bots to create enough ddos mitigation damage to prevent the guild from being able to kick any members. (5% or more of the guilds total mitigation must be destroyed in order to trap all members in the guild. Ddos bot damage is calculated by multiplying the rep of the person you put the bot on by .018, which is 1.8%)

Maximize Your FS Scan Potential

You may use your FS to try and copy packages and apps from players once an hour. The odds of it finding anything are very low, even with an FS level 100+ so you want to maximize the potential of it actually finding something good when it finally does find something. This can be done two ways:
1. Find a target that has only the files you want such as a name changer. If your victim also has a number of ip changers and log deleters, odds are it will find one of those instead. So a target with only a name changer would be ideal.
2. You can really narrow down the possibilities by having an alt account you control that has only the package or app that you want. For example, if you were ever to find an epic package during the AI sniff on your alt account, DON'T open it. Instead, use FS on your main account to scan your alt account every hour in hopes of it copying that epic package to your main. Of course you would want to make sure all other files that FS can find, including ip changers, algos, name changers, ip changers, watchdog, worms, virii etc are deleted so they are not found instead. This would also work for purchased items such as 10 day VIP packages and 5m HC packages.
The two keys to giving yourself even a partial chance of this working are upgrading your FS level and, above all, persistence. If you run FS 10x a day, you have 10x the chance of finding something than if you only tried once a day. It's a numbers game, so put the odds in your favour. Again, don't expect your FS to find anything but HC virtually every time. But when you finally do find something good with it, it is a really nice feeling.

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