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New to the game?

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New to the game?

Post by TimesOfGaming » Thu Mar 15, 2018 18:23 PM

This will be a guide for a different strategy most are not aware of. Plus, some info that will help you.

The Beginning
Start with doing the tutorial missions and DON'T level up your miner. Doing the missions will be your main source of HC. So you will mostly be leveling up your CPU, NET, PWC, and a few in RAM.

Chat and You
Chat can be a place for information, help, fun, or a warm zone. You have a few commands /help will show them all, /rules will show the chat rules, and /tut will bring up links to tutorials. If you see 3 "***" then that is a private message, a name in yellow followed up by "has been warned", or "has been banned.." is a mod warning or banning a user. A name in purple is either a Global Mod or a filter ban.

Tutorial Mission Server
When you get this IP make sure to do the mission, of course, and save the IP and check it every now and then for new users who don't delete their IP.

Hacking Others
After you collected a few IPs make sure your CPU and NET is maxed before attempting to hack anyone else. With both maxed the crack time goes from about a full minute to 30 seconds, or less. Use any HC you get to level up your password cracker.

Rep and You
Reputation doesn't really matter as of now, upgrading your Hardware and Software is more important. If you rep up to quick you become a easy target if your IP is ever found.

IP Leaks
Someone has your IP? It might be ok. Make sure to delete your log or run the remote delete log app, which clears logs based off of AI level. You may want to write your IPs on a paper or something not on the game. The worse that will happen is they virus you, and since you shouldn't have your miner past level 1 they won't get much HC.
You also get free IP changers at certain reps, so I wouldn't spend HC on them unless you are getting constantly hacked.

If you are looking into buying a virus from the shop.app on your Desktop, you should first level up your code reassembler. We do recommend a 10.0 before buying one because your code reassembler has to be higher then the victim's antivirus.
So you have been virused, look in your ect bin which you can get to by clicking the folder to the left side of the screen. If there is something there then delete it, if not it's a 1 day which you can either wait or scan with your antivirus.

Offense:Password cracker, FsScanner, Code reassembler, and AI.

Going more offense will make less crack times, harder to find viruses, possible finding of packages, and such.

Defense:Firewall, Backtrace, Antivirus, and AI.

Going more defense will make it harder for others to virus you, get in to your gateway, and having time to do anything to your gateway.

There is pros and cons for defense and offense, this really depends how you wish to play.

At some point you will want to join a guild. There are a few things you must do first, get at least 500 rep and talk in chat. If you have more then 2k rep people will be more willing to let you join and if you constantly talk in chat others will remember you easier.
If you are about to join a guild make sure you can trust your guild members, because they also can see the datacenter IP and they are going to be your team. Sometimes guilds get destroyed and if it wasn't betrayed it is the lead and co leads fault for not keeping their IP safe.

You wanna create a guild? Make sure you know how to be in the shadows, because if anyone joins your guild they will rely on you to keep your IP hidden.

Spending BB
You may have extra BB. I don't recommend spending it. I have about 15k BB which at this point I can do whatever I want with. Instant upgrading will cost at least 50BB and you can use BB for items in the shop or create a guild.
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