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[7th Guide] classes

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[7th Guide] classes

Post by DocvalE » Mon Mar 12, 2018 18:44 PM

Hello my loyal Community of the dark underground,

After one year of this game, lets talk about an Issue which is pretty important to me.
Some of you might be wondering why in previous guides for the Hackers game I was talking about "Classes". mhm, on the one hand, it is like an MMO with guildes. On the other hand it results from the way I perceive the game and try to come up with tactics and Gameplans withing the given boundaries. Actually I'm trying to make the biggest hack: to realize what DEV is planning.
The Basics are pretty obvious and I guess, besides for some balancing, won't change that much.

Let's briefly recall the awakening part 1.
As I said before, the AI plays the most important part in Softwareupgrades for it reduces the Upgrade time of each part. Some of you guys should have reached the Upgrade time of almost over a day by now. In theory I'd suggest to level up the AI up to 5.0 or even 10.0 untill pulling up the other software parts. Some of you might have higher levels on different parts in the first phase but thats nothing to worry about.
The Calculation of Upgrade time for FW, PWC and BT increases on an exponential level which means that you need to upgrade more levels to reduce your upgrade time by another second.
It's like reaching the speed of light. The longer you play, the more you will start to value a higher AI level.
The AV also plays an important role but its never as important as your primary values. But its actually up to you as how important you rate your AV. Personally and in context of what might come at us in the future gameplay (e.g. SDK) there is another funcion in terms of game tactics yet to discover. But for now its important for the defense against virtual scum such as Worms or Viruses. The basic use is pretty simple, however, I don't quite get the exact calculation of AV and CR yet. Still I would suggest not to leave your AV levels behind. Think about your wallet being completely defenseless... should be reason enough ;) If you think out of the box you might find other ways to protect yourself against viruses too. But these are things for another Hacking guide with way more possibilities.

Before we start, here some words that explain the backstory of my thoughts. For the future Gameplay I expect more difficult and complex tasks to come, which will not be easy to handle for one player alone or require even more than one player to solve. Take the Jammer for example: This is the first step for a team coordinate attack system which will sooner or later be implimented in the game. I can already come up with some scenarios where it can be usefull but let's not rush too far yet. Furthermore I expect the Jammer value to be decreased tremendously.
You will ususally have teamwork with someone you might know better, such as peson from your guild or your friends who are also playing the game. What a coincidence :mrgreen:
Like almost everywhere, your specification has certain pros and cons, some you can balance with a bit of tricky thinking and others you just need to learn how to deal with them. SO it is important to be supportive in your guild. Not only is being supportive one of the main aspects of a succesful guild, but you will also have a way better use for the Tactics I'm about to present to you.

The success also won't come over night... but it will come and the more you stick together, work as a team and figure out how to combine defense and support the easier it gets.
Ok now let's jump into the details.

The Offensive-Player

The classic offense player will mainly focus on AI and PWC. So much for the primary values. As mentioned above I would suggest to batch-wise level up these values. I don't know what else to say about this... No.1 priority is no.1 !!!

Let's have a look at the Sub-classes

The Defense-Offer

Same as the normal offense player, but he adds the AV into his upgrading cycle. FW and BT might also be included from time to time but since everyone has their own way of leveling I can't quite give any fixed suggestions to that. You should think for yourself, how likely you want to be hacked or not.

The virulent Offer

For the virulent offer, the CR comes last. In terms of income, he is way more relaxed than the others. If he spreads wisely, he should be able to get a decent amount of income. Anyway, the main source of income should be the active mining of other players.

As an Offensive Player you can alway run into trouble getting leaked. Of course there are ways of staying kind-of stealthy but thinking of the amount of hacks you need to do to upgrade effectively and the amount of work you need to stay stealthy, it's way too much work in my oppinion. So you need to get a decent amount of HC to keep your upgrades running and to survive your 48 Hours untill you can change your IP. If you get attacked, lean back and relax, thinking that your loss will be balanced from your own attacks. The intigrated barrier will prevent a fast loss of reputation and the less your attackes gain from you are getting not very attractive to them.
Some mind tricks can do good for you but bruteforcing also works.


On most gateways you will only have 3 Seconds to crack and therefore more time for your actions inside the GW.

It's easier to spread viruses due to the time left.

You may and should attack in a very agressive manner.


Your Worms/Viruses won't be as effective as the VDs ones, but you can compensate this through quantity and clever spreading.

You will be under constant attack. You should be aware of that. Also, you will most likely loose your IP History several times.

You will propably loose your daily algorithms due to waiting time for your IP change.
You might want to do your change like this: You finish your dailys till mid-day and then start your 48 hours wait. Sunday is an ideal time to start (If you are not sleeping in the day :D). You will loose the Monday dailys but on Tuesday evening you can Change your IP and continue collecting these valuable upgrades.

The Virus Doc

In this class, you have your main focus on CR and a little later the AV. This class holds the biggest potential for creative usage of your resources. It's the best class for me personally so I thought this might be a good time for me to eternize here ;) I know a Totenknopf who at this point will remember our conversations and start smiling.
To use your resources can sometimes be like tracing back a bounche but... it's always a lot of fun to gather information while leaving the others completely clueless
In the Hacking guide part II you will find how this works exactly in terms of tactics.
These tactics are not only for the Virus Doc... any other class can use them but you really need to take care of your boundaries! If you don't quite know them yet, try getting to know them carefully step by step. You will get there eventually.
The planned Add-On which Deadmau5 and I were talking about in a tread about a new ranking system should give you a good orientation on that. To give a fixed guide I still need to have more information which I hopefully will be able to impliment in the next guide.
Allright, back to the Virus Doc!

This class is having a more stealthy gameplay. You should channel your agressive attack creatively through an ambush. Stealthy does not neccesarily mean to be nice and mercyful ;)
Try to estimate the potential of your Viruses exactly. Learn their functions carefully and try to think of how their usage will give you the most benefits in the future. Try to see the limitations and tactics of the player as a way to pin them down. Yeah, its basically Hacking and chess combined if you think about it. But this is what makes this technique so interesting: always stay aware for a possible solution to a problem.

I assume that the viruses created by the SKD are working with a simmilar technique. So the sooner you get to know to that tactic the easier you will have it later on. I can't promise anything though. If I'm not right on one point here I will also be affected by that. But you know how they say: No risk, no fun, right? Yeah I'm not all nice, you gotta be a bit dark and tricky sometimes.
As I said: let that creative juices flow and you will discover irreal paths that are working for you. and thrust me: The fun won't get left behind :D


You will own the most tenacious worms and viruses

At a Cr level of 15+ you should not worry about money anymore for a decent amount of time you put in spreading

If you are really good you can seem nice on the outside but can release your inner maniac in the underground.


Like the Offer you will hold a very weak defense but your AV should be way higher. This will help you get rid of some of the viruses when using the AV scan.

Your time inside the Gateways will be a lot shorter for higher rep players. Try getting help by someone with a jammer for that.

The Defensive Player

Since the implementation of the Jammer, there is no actuall defense player in my oppinion.. or at least it does not make much sense anymore.
I can suggest to play as a very defensive Virus Doc, as to say a DVD. Not only because this qualifies you for the position of guild leader or even co lead. With a decent CR you can ensure your liquidity and stay anonymous. Even for player with relatively low PWC there are secure ways of ensuring your income.
For this class you need to upgrad FW, BT and a little bit later CR. But at this point I need to tell you that it will take some time to build up a solid defense. I was only reffering to singular attacks. As mentioned before, FW upgrades increase exponentially in terms of time needed, therefore it will take much longer in higher levels to give your attackers another second of cracking time.
But if you are not in a position like guildlead or colead it's extremely funny to see how many hacker will crash into your FW.
A lot of patience is needed, also having fun to move around stealthy. Work with one, even better two backup plans and always think before you act. Security is priority number one for you. At first you will be able to compete with players of your rep levels but when you reach SW levels of 10 and really start to focus on defense valules you will sooner or later see the difference. If you have a little bit of help, best case scenario from your guildmembers, you will be able to maintain a steady income.

What's left to say

The class descriptions are actually pretty short in the end. As I said, the actual impact will show with the usage of coordinated tactics. To get there you will have a pretty long way to walk, but I can assure you that if you dont give up you will get there eventually. So don't give up immediately when things start to get a bit difficult.. well let's say "interesting". The one giving up him/herself has already lost at that time he started playing the game. Everyone tries to be the very best. It's not about being listed on first place in the ranking but about who is pulling the strings in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to strike. No System is save, even if players like me and a few people being there from the start own SW levels others would describe as "godlike". That should not and must not demotivate you! It's common that you will need some time when taking part in a game like this, but unlike to others you will have the possibility to evolve even if you are suffering heavy damage from constant attacks.
And no, loosing IP's is no heavy damage! Even if you need to start from scratch you will soon get to the point again where you can't find that one player anymore without using the search function or scroll for hours ;)
You also have your Rep as a way to protect your miner since Players who are way over your Rep level can't collect your miner anymore, making yourself less attractive as a targed (as I mentioned above). Unfortunately, you are not able to dodge the viruses though.
I personally don't like to clear the IP history of newcommers for weeks... and as I said it's not really a loss and therefore not interessting. It rather encourages you to change your tactics and get in touch with different techniques so you can find the one that works best for your.
At least that's how I see it.

Like everywhere comes great responsibility with great power but not everyone is able to deal with it as good as others. Therefore you should see this as encouragement to NOT get busted and still get on unnoticed. Hey remember the name of the hacker who announced his biggest hack before? No? Well... speaks for itself :D
The best aspect of the game is that it is up to you if you get caught or not and not because of the SW (except for the first phase where you need to get your head into the game mechanics). I personally suggest you might try to come up with a good tactic to use what you have for the best results, rather than to come up with complaints about how you will never be able to reach higher SW levels. Remember: if you did it once you can do it again . It's of a way bigger use for you in the end.
You may not be able to imagine it at this point but I was in the same position in the beginning where everyone was paying money for faster upgrades. Whatever if they pay for it. That way Dev had money for server maintenance and I had a goal to reach and it is worth it.
So cheer up if you meet someone who is not easy to hack for you. You may end up learning something from your first failed attempt. There are endless possibilities and with a bit of help everyone of you will sooner or later find the tactic that works best for them. The boundaries will blur a bit but the basics are listed above :)

Now Let me have the honour to wish you best of luck and a lot of fun for your further gameplay and trying the tactics from Hacking guide part II.

Thanks for the help Polybius translating the guide!
👁เดค👁🖖 Doc 👿

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