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[6th Guide] Hacking Guide part II - tactics

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[6th Guide] Hacking Guide part II - tactics

Post by DocvalE » Thu Mar 08, 2018 19:43 PM

Welcome to the Hacking Guide,

in the previous part I have already introduced you to one of the ways you use the limits of the game to your advantage. In the following I will let you look into my box of ideas. Some are still highly theoretical and some I do not see the benefits yet, cause the effort to operate is high. But it should show you the possibilities and I'm sure one or the other of you certainly will get a good ideas too.

Let`s come to the tactical part which we can assess more or less concretely and which technical ways are necessary to get to the information or prey.

Viruses / Worms

Since many questions come again and again about the virtual vermin and especially for optimal use, I will show you a few more approaches.
You find the basic knowledge in the awakening part II.

The starting point of everything is the selection of the victims. Here you either have to estimate or know the height of the AV. Anything that comes close to your CR is bad and you should have already experienced the first misjudgment of the Rep. Rely on your feeling and the experience you have in the meantime.
The two % worms theoretically bring you the most, but you have the most effort with them. Here's the hard manual copy marathon the only way.
The Wanna allows us to make distribution a little more efficient. Here are two variants that have a low cost with a maximum possible distribution.
The very clever player combines these with each other. : Mrgreen:
Here you have the active distribution as an option. Highly frequented GWs such as missions are ideal, but also prefered by others and usually full. What to do so that you still benefit from the collection points for yourself.
You are looking for an attractive victim from your list. This should not be known or rarely visited. You place the Wanna on this GW and always use this GW as End IP which is in the log of the actual goal. Leave the IP in the log. So you have tried it yourself at a goal and designed yet another trap.

Disguise Traces

Since the Wanna is a very nice tool for me to get information, I would like to show you a way to keep the information in a small and ideally tolerated frame.
Basically, avoid sending information. Your influence on this is somewhat limited but the clever use of the scan helps here. Ideally, always before looting.

If you are 12 player who trust each other or you are guild members (get the online status anyway).
I show you a variant of the immunization against the Wanna.
Some will have stumbled across the 12. Yes, there are only 11 copies possible, but the self-copy is not, so the 12th.
You arrange 2 empty GWs, that means, there must be no wanna on it. 6 of you distribute your wanna to one of these GWs. For this action you should equip yourself with a maximum of Wannas beforehand. Do you each have the 6 Wannas on the GWs freed yourselfes from ALL Wannas. Now you just need to hack these two GWs first, so you're only provided with Wannas of your confidants.
To get you clean sometimes we will be the most difficult task, if don´t want to stop hacking and should not. Here I recommend the following.
As soon as an wanna expires and / or gets caught by your AV, you hack one of the two GWs to fill the gap. The distribution wouldn´t be parity but you will not get any further. But you should be able to live with this little mistake in perfection.

Shadow Hacking

Since you have read this description in detail in the first part, I will spare you this one. Basically, this technique can be combined with just about any other attack tactic and it is the backbone of ultimate stealth hacking.
Currently, the carriers of information of the guild should be the first user. The consequences of a leaking are barely existent for the other players.

Tactics with Jammer

Wallet Hack

The Wallet Hack is still very theoretical, but it is also the best example of what I mean by using borders to your own advantage. Likewise, the different special properties of each class are needed here. You can do this tactic alone, but the surprise effect will be lost.

The basic principle of jamming should be known, so I will not pre-chew this again. Likewise, you should
be able to perform the calculation of the number of required people. Do you want to be sure expects 2-3 copies each 10 sec, the good and experienced players should create 3-4 each 10 sec to copy. Do not forget the copy time ;-)

At the Wallet Hack we try to get to the opponent's wallet. To get the wallet of inactive players we just have to wait, of course, if not always such an idiot would loot the miner after half a day. I think you've all experienced that. But what if we can do this with active players?!
Yes, you heard right. In this case, we exploit the limitation of the files in a GW and overload the victim with invisible viruses, so that it can no longer loot the miner.
Important here is a very high CR of the Virus Docs(*, which logically bombard the GW with Wannas and worms.
It would be ideal if this hack is done even in the sleeping time of the target. So completely unnoticed and without leaving any traces. When he gets up in the morning trying to loot the miner, there's a problem and the miner has a few hours on the clock. Until he checks what is going on and may not find any of the viruses, one should be able to rub his hands a day later.
It's certainly going to have to be faked here and there in particular on certain things, but where is a problem there are many options.

(* name of a class based on my class system. class guide translation will follow soon.

Missions IP Phishing

Here we come to the more elaborate tactics. This will not be worth the effort at the moment, but I think it can not hurt to mention them.
In this case it's about getting IPs from players who hack directly but still do not leave any of their IPs. In advance you would have to do some research.

Which goal is worthwhile?
Can be a high frequented GW only.

When will the miners be looted there?
In most cases, this can be used to derive an approximate time or you can go to mission destinations if they got a renew.

How many players can you assemble and coordinate at the same time?
Usually the second is the bigger problem : Mrgreen:

Which period do you want to cover or how much HC should be invested? (Jammer Batteries)

Since the number of jammer is limited by the battery life to 59 seconds, you can determine the maximum Jammer number.
So that the GW is also permanently under surveillance, I would recommend at least a second group to vote and alternate. You can increase time or reduce costs by organizing more groups.

Anyone who rerolls something will certainly agree with me, which concerns the point effort/benefit currently. I think this principle will certainly be useful in other situations or upcoming expansions. However, this also requires a high demand of timing of the players in order to use the time effectively.

out of the box

The funeral - the real botnet

In this tactic we destroy a guild on announcement within, hmm, almost instant is even possible with ideal timing. I actually plan a small show in the global here.
Currently you distribute the bots randomly on players and hope that they come online. I want to raise that to a whole new level and all bot owners participate at the attack/show.

The Show

I like to create kind of living funeral of a guild. Fits well with the guild name "House of Pain" and reflects our gloomy soul : Mrgreen:
So it is also very formal with Pastor, ironically portrayed by me, and other members of the Guild. So the first basic idea. A guild event with a variety of helpers. In addition to the actual show, there is a tactical ulterior motive too. I reckon it will be necessary in the long run to eliminate the guilds with high rep leaders and co in a very short time.
I am already looking forward to the first try and the probably stupid faces, which I can´t see sadly.

What has to happen in the background?

The crucial criterion is that all parties are present at an agreed time. This is fun for the spectators but behind every good Entertainment there is always a lot of work and practice. The same we have here.
Depending on the size of the guild and the portfolio of players with corresponding Rep, the compilation of the contributors takes place. There are now several ways we can distribute the bots on the players. The simplest but most expensive is if everyone buys a creator and enters the DC IP itself.
The bot has been copied to the etc/bin and waiting for the command to relog.
However, this would be the most vulnerable way for espionage. Here I am still reflect few more minutes but I have some good ideas on how we can implement the ideal and yet incorporate a good safety barrier. However, since you only fire 1 % of your Rep against mitigation of the guild, you already need a few people.
Currently my plans work with a certain number of sections with leader. The commands can be made via voice or via text. And to all who now think of an attempt to infiltrate. Save yourself the trouble and put it in things with more chance of success : Mrgreen:

The second level

Welcome again and now in the really fun world.
Everything before was just the application of the technical framework. But here we come to the difficult and in many cases difficult to calculate area, the player himself.

In essence, everything is broken down to the simple truth "What do I want or where do I want to go?" and "What do I need to get that or achieve the goal?"
These questions affect not only the opponents, but also yourself. Anyone who is aware of this can disguise their own interests and betray the other's false goals unnoticed. The more accurately you know people and also their moving image and system, the better you can estimate them. That's not a big secret. The challenge is to identify people you do not know only by traceable tracks (chat activity also externally, logs) and their possible intentions and their own goals.

For one or the other this is too much and I can understand that too. I have learned to deal with all this information peripheral somehow and link them with new information. Do not ask why I suddenly come to very different things in discussions, but have nothing at all to do with the subject of the talk.
That sounds strange. But that´s it. : Mrgreen:

The game uses all facets of real life. Each player is also the first vulnerability. With every written word you show some of you and your aims. Of course the question is how many Batty out there next to me. Who runs this effort. From experience, however, I am aware that there are some and there are always new players who have succumbed to this attraction, to act on the edge of all borders.
But I would like to give the hint, this is just a game. Life on the other side of the screen is what really stays with you.

The 100 % solution will never exist but we can try to get as close as possible. Because there is really nothing better if you can say,

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Sincerely Doc
👁เดค👁🖖 Doc 👿

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