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[5th tutorial] the awakening part III - gateways, jammer and what to do with them

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 20:01 PM
by DocvalE

You have noticed in the shop already the column of the gateways and you have wondered what they are for.
In the future a FBI will be part of the game. The FBI can confiscate your gateway. Should you have lost it. You have to buy a new one here. The shop offers you 3 variants. Let's take a closer look.

Gateway MAX Upgrades

Any extra hardware will be removed. This currently affects the Advanced Miner and the Signal Jammer .
The delivery takes place in a few hours.
The standard hardware is fully developed.
The IP Remains and you keep all your files.

This variant only makes sense for me at the very beginning to finish the hardware immediately. For the later course, I have discovered no real benefit yet.

Stock Gateway

Any extra hardware and files will be removed. This currently affects the Advanced Miner and the Signal Jammer.
The delivery takes place in 24 hours BUT you are not allowed to hack this period. This will certainly mean the use of the password cracker. But you can still help with timed jammer attacks.
Your IP will be renewed and you will receive a Gatway which looks like the one at the first login. So nothing in there.

Maxed Gateway

Here too, all extra hardware and files are lost
Delivery takes 24 hours BUT you can not hack this period. This will certainly mean the use of the password cracker . But you can still help with timed jammer attacks.
Your IP will be renewed but you will receive your gatway fully expanded or as it was before in the undeveloped state.

These two variants are for use in case of retired gateways by the FBI to use. Which variant you use is up to you. You should have in case a sufficient amount of HC to quickly expand the hardware again fully. Since the updates also cost HC, the difference of almost 25 million HC is not the true difference. It is therefore lower.
Another reason is a leak. So you have the opportunity within 24 hours to change the IP. Here I especially see the leaders and co-leaders, who should take advantage of this time advantage in case of an attack. But until you can handle these sums, a little time passes.

Signal Jammer

Let's come to the long awaited new hardware, First the technical facts.

There is a cooldown of 2 hours.
There are 40 levels of expansion levels.
The backtrace time increases by 60 ms with each level.
The running time of the signal is Level + 19 s.
The Jammer works cumulatively, that is communally. Each additional supporter with the jammer increases the backtrace time according to its setup.
Let's fix it in numbers on a maximum level.

The backtrace is increased by 2.4 s.
The signal delay is 59 s.

The demand for a good timing of a coordinated attack is rather low at 1 min. If you have 20 s in the Gateway, you will have enough time. Then I also copied the DC-data, as well as a Wanna Cry and a bot uploaded.
The reduction of 2.4 s per player is enormous. With only 10 players voting, we have 24 seconds more time in the gateway.
I think you notice just what power a good organization is. With this tool it is possible to hack every player, no matter how good his defense is.

This makes it important to develop a good strategy in dealing with the topic of Leader and Co-Leader.

The key point in using this hardware is the coordinated timing of all involved. There are 2 groups here.

The first group consists of the Jammer.
These do not crack the target, but disrupt the gateway with their misery .
If the last one has picked up the signal, the biggest increase is the backtrace time. This is also the moment in which the group 2 comes into action.

The second group consists of the Attackers .
These perform the targeted actions in the gateway of the target.

If you want to take this to the extreme and organize it perfectly, a third group will be added.

The third group are the Shadows .
These delete the IPs of the jammers and attackers from the first bounces.
Ideal I consider 1 shadow takes care of 2 Jammer and 1 Attacker. These form a group and connect via the same gateway.
If you work perfectly, then you will get 2 bounces, but that would not be perfect. : Mrgreen:
The bounces increase the backtrace time as well.

Once the attackers have started the crack, it will no longer have any impact if more Jammer connect. Likewise, it has no effect when a jammer expires and the attackers are still in the gateway.

With the batteries you can finish the cooldown and recharge your Jammer.

This is currently based on theory and information from the forum.

Soon, more from a practical point of view.

Sincerely Doc