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[1st tutorial] the awakening part I - basics, hardware and software

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[1st tutorial] the awakening part I - basics, hardware and software

Post by DocvalE » Fri Feb 02, 2018 23:08 PM

welcome my padawans,

I hope you will get enlighten by the following passages. But please do not come to close with the light, cause it is my enemy but you will get it, i am sure.
One or two of you may have asked the most popular questions in the chat, just a few minutes ago.
Can be sound like this: "How the hell can I hack other gateways. My password cracker isn´t able to crack it till backtrace time is over?" or "I do not understand it at all! Such a stupid game !!!"
(I adjusted the wording cause of /rules and clearance: Mrgreen:)

I will give you this answere a bit later. First I want to give you some little selfish advices.
Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the chat. Just type / rules in chat.
Since the game is playable for kids at the age of 6 years, we have a very strict word filter and he is merciless. Anything else the filter wont get the staff-tem including myself is responsible for.
But do not worry, nothing will happen that fast.

Now it´s time to answer the questions and suprisingly we need to deal with the stuff which everything is running on...

the hardware

The CPU has the top priority until it is fully developed. Ideally you keep the upgrades permanently running.

I do not recommend you to hack players on the first day. That´s why the miner isn´t unimportant to gain some HC to pay the upgrades. Sign the youtube channel and every player online gets a 5k HC packages.

A few more technical facts about the miner .
Level 1 has a capacity of 200 HC and is full in 1 minute.
Level 16 has a capacity of 100k HC and is full in 22 hours 12 minutes.

The Advanced Miner has twice the generation rate and capacity.

RAM and the NET follow in the priority list.
RAM and NET effects the crack time little only.

The RAM allows you to bounce and use multiple apps at the same time. I recommend you to read my other guides. May you don´t do the same mistakes almost all beginners do. They leak their IP right in the first hours and that is the cause of their chronic lack of money, cause they have many visits from other players.
You need patience and you will see after few days, it was the right decision.
Until the hardware is fully developed, you have to delete any of your IPs, stay stealth.

This periode you have to consider as small journey through the evolution of computers, from the small LCD game to Game Boy, Atari, C64, Amiga 500, the first 286's, 386's, 486's and supercomputers.
Yes OK, I already dream of the quantum computer: MrGreen:

Do not be surprised if your CPU at level 5 still does not provide a satisfying crack time. That is completely normal and logical. The computing power of the CPU has the biggest influence on the crack time at the beginning. A car with a motor that sounds like a moped, you do not want to drive or are there such specialists? * Comparison is limited to internal combustion engines! *

The exact values of the hardware we don´t need to know. The good player max all the hardware in about a day. We all have absolutly the same starting point in the field of hardware.

The ranking / reputation and basic knowledge

Unfortunately, the current ranking do not reflects the level of software and strenght. The key thing to remember is that reputation will tell you quite nothing about a player. High rep player have to play a certain time but that´s all you can assume.
I will show you.
We have a player who has wildly pushed his account with Blackbits.
Another player who plays for a long time and regularly gets lost of Rep, as well as an additional player who followed the tactics of the guides. These 3 players can have the same reputation and there are a massiv number of opportunities between them.

The player who gaining Reputation fast due to missions and hacks will have a hard time very soon. Higher reputation and you will get attractiv for higher players.
A player can loot your miners if your reputation is 25 % of the attacker's.
At 75-100 % you lose 1 reputation if the loot is successful.
100 % and above, you loses 2 reputation for each successful attack.
The Advanced Miner also opens a second loot level, cause of the different generation rates of miners .
As a result of this scheme, some players with high software reduced their reputation intentionally to 1-2k. I will not tell any names for at least two reasons.
On the one hand, the nicks can be changed easely and on the other hand, I do not want to give them the glory of being mentioned in the guides. The last is the decisive reason for me. You will surely recognize the nicks fast or in case of doubt you can ask in the chat.
As long as you have not fully developed the hardware and the software doesn´t reached a level of at least 5, you should don´t care about reputation. You will gain reputation pretty fast due to hardware and sofware upgrades.

Let's deal with the sanctuary of every hacker, the software

The Artificial Intelligence "AI" has the highest priority in every tactic you want to play. It shortens the time of software updates and helps you to crack the password faster. The former is important for everyone, especially when the update times are no longer measured in hours, but in days.
The latter is logically required for the offensiv classes.
You have certainly noticed the window wich appears after every hack. It shows you the result of network scans, also referred to as Sniff.
The AI sniff has a cool down of 10 minutes. You have the chance to get between 0-4 packages (tested online so far max. 2).
What kind of packages you can expect? I will tell you.

Common Package
This one has a chance of 80 % to drop.
A small amount of HC is your reward.
So far, I have received small two-three-digit values. Don´t hope to get rich.
The HC is automatically sorted to your assets.

Rare Package
The drop chance here is 10 %, but a little more you can expect.
These contains money amounting 1k-5k HC.
In addition, BB and / or Notes with IP's.
So far, I received 1 BB only.
The IP's are players in the missions. Activ Guild leaders and co-leaders don´t need to fear a leak by this system.

Unique Package
That´s one of the two most popular packages. The drop chance is quite tiny 1 %, but you can not despise the content.
You will receive an amount of 10k-50k HC.
Also possible to get a WatchDog ,a Wanna Cry Virus ,a 14% worm ,a history deleter (3 days) or an algo.
You have the opportunity to get stuff which is actually unattainable for you from the money quite early.
In addition, it´s possible to get a battery for the jammer.

Epic Package
Probably the most coveted package is the epic. The drop chance is kind of ultra at 0.1%, but the content also pushes you forward.
Here are 5k BB , 5 random algos or 3 AI Remote Log Deleter beeing in it for you.
The epic contains more stuff also the content can be a battery for the jammer or a 14 % worm.

I know you see that tiny numbers and think, what? I am pretty sure and I know it, if you play the game you will get an other feeling of the numbers. The possitive effect is, you´ll get very happy if your AI sniffs or your FS Scanner grabs one of the packages. Keep on trying and the hardworking will get payed.

Now we need to dive into the different charachters of this game.

You get more informations about the opponent, if you use the Target Analyzer "TA". The first displayed value is the time of the backtrace "BT". A higher level should show us the level of antivirus "AV" and the online status. A very nice info to deal with.
This nice tool will be the starting point for many cool tactical games. However, to my mind it is a secondary stat and not useless, as it is currently often referred in the chats. Right now a lack of content-related elements exist, that demand more caution from everyone. Consequences have to follow. But on the other hand we player have to create our own way to use it.
I'm looking forward to the effect of the FBI(not the guild). Many have to change their strategy.
The spy skill of some players will surely be welcome soon. In addition, does it helps anyone to waste the FS scanner (1 h cooldown), if you get these infos easely?!

meanwhile the antivirus "AV" has gained more importance.
It is the only instance that protects you getting lost of the IP's, other viri and the theft of apps and packages by the FS Scanner "FSS"(right now the FSS copies only, no fear ... not yet). Additionaly it prevents your wallet if a hacker attacks you, when the miner is at status cold. A part of your HC will be kept as a reserve. The "AV" plays such a big role, especially for the offensive player.
I recommend you to run "AV" scan as last action if you log off. So you may catch a virus that damages you at the next login.
Also, if possible, you should run the AV-scanner first and loot your miner afterwards.

Of course, in connection we have to mention the Code Reassembler "CR". This tool plays a not unimportant part in the game. At least if your gain your income by the help of worms or you create an effective virus.
The description tells us two values, which we can use to calculate the percentage of survival.

At an identical level, the attacker has the advantage that the virus survives the scan at 100%.

If your "CR" is only 80% of the "AV" of the target, then you only have a chance of 50 %.

The course that appears seems to be linear, but we can verify it only, if we get another value. However, the decline of survival seems to be linear. That´s more logical than an exponential and / or sine / cosine function with limits: Mrgreen:
That is the theory ... let´s leave that and talk about the real facts. It´s reciprocal / vice versa of that what I am told you above. I will watch the effects on my own gateway and will keep you up to date. This calculation is the only way to estimate how much it makes sense respectively how much energy and effort you need to use one of the viruses and worms.

"CR" / "AV" => chance of survival based on my theory
140% => 100%
135% => 87.5%
130% => 75%
125% => 62.5%
120% => 50%
115% => 37.5%
110% => 25%
105% => 12.5%
<= 100% =>

As far as can say after some test scans, if your CR is higher than the victims AV, your virus/worm has a chance to survive. Try to assume the victims level of AV and I recommend you to search for victims with a much lower AV.
The AI seems to take effect too. Well, I hope we get the numbers if the game is "finished" and balanced. Yes, I know it will be never finished cause of the many very good ideas you´ll have soon. Please be patiant right now. First some bugs need to be fixed. If we got that we can go on with further stuff.

The FS Scanner is a fancy new tool. As attacker you can steal IP-bounded apps and packages from the victims. But it is not that easy. Again it´s time to look at the the height of the anti-virus of the target. To get that info the target analyzer has a meaningful task(when fully integrated). That way you can avoid to waste the valuable cooldown of 60 min.
Your FS scanner has be at least higher then 90 % of enemies anti-virus. Only if you reach that minimum you will get a chance to scan.
You have a chance of 80 % to scan successfully.
If the scan succeeds, you can grab unopened Packages 2 % and random apps 0,5 %.
The first experiences are much better you might suggest seeing those barely existing numbers. In fact, every app and package in the gateway has his own chance. In example, if a gateway has 10 packages you will have a chance of 10*2 %. Search for full gateways with many apps and packages, pay attention to the level of the antivirus and test yourself every hour.
I was very "lucky". I grabed a wanna cry from the etc/bin of the target. There is a small danger getting infected with viri and worms. I am assuming an unintentional side effect and reported this to the appropriate authorities already. However, I consider this effect to be tolerable. Why are you asking now?
Ok, on the one hand you got the Wanna Cry before you even start scanning. This worm is out of consideration. All that remains is the 7% and 14% worms , as well as the history and log deleter.
A manageable risk and so far this was the only virus I registered alongside the other useful finds.

The absolutly offensive stat is the Passwordcracker "PWC". This tool reduces the crack time to max 3 s.

The Deffensive are the firewall "FW" and the back-tracing tool "BT" .

The firewall makes it difficult for the Password Cracker to crack your password, reduces the tracing time for your attackers and increases the time your opponent can sit on the penalty bank/blacklist.

The backtrace tool shortens the trace time.
If the trace in the chat is asked, it's the time you have until you get blacklisted. In this context, a short cut is used in chat. 24/4 translated for you. 24 sec is the backtrace time of the target and it takes 4 sec to crack the password.

This is the first part giving you the basic informations you will keep in mind very quickly. It is also advisable to look into the guides again and again. I expand and try to update them, if something changes and if I'm in a good mood. I'll tell you some of the game tactics too.

Enjoy the game and my other parts of the guide.

Sincerely Doc
👁เดค👁🖖 Doc 👿

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Re: [1st tutorial] the awakening part I - basics, hardware and software

Post by 1337_M03W » Thu Apr 23, 2020 06:54 AM

You were right doc :mrgreen:
"not again.." :shock:

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