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My beginner guide

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My beginner guide

Post by xXxGhOsTxXx777 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 04:13 AM

Fresh Start:
When starting out a new game everything is new and confusing. We have all been in the same position. Hopefully this guide will help give you a goal to work towards while learning the basics.

Most Common Terms:
SW = Software, Found on the left side 4 buttons down
HW = Hardware, Found on the left side 5 buttons down
GW = Gateway, Either yours or anothers
HC = In game currency
Connection Manager = Where you input IP addresses to start cracking

When first starting out you will have to follow a series of steps showing the very basics of the game. You will then learn how to input and crack your first IP in the connection manager. Once all steps have been completed a series of missions will slowly start to appear. As a beginner follow these missions as they come up whether asking to upgrade a certain SW or HW. Every upgrade from SW or HW will grant a +2 rep increase. Every new account is granted a free package of BB. It is Strongly advised to use this and buy the 500,000 HC package to get you started. First starting out it will be next to impossible to hack another player successfully. This amount of HC will allow you to continue to upgrade your HW and SW. It is recommended to max out HW and focus mainly on AI and Password Cracker in the SW section as these will allow you to hack others GW faster. To have a decent start jumping into the world of others i recommend waiting until SW levels are at least 2.0 each. Thats it for this section more to come soon in the future!!

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