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"The straw that nearly broke the hackers' backs"

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"The straw that nearly broke the hackers' backs"

Post by Darkslyde » Sun Jul 02, 2017 11:16 AM

June 9th, 2017. Apparently normal day in the hackerz community. Miners collected, logs deleted, "gifts" left behind... and then it happened. Ddos domino effect. The binary winds of change swept the community at speeds surpassing any known unit of measure or comprehension. What was happening? Intentional leaks? #1... falls. 2, same. 3? What is happening? Albeit glitch or bug or misinterpretation... the branches of the hackerz tree of life began to tremble as the roots of comfort and stability were ripped from the fabric of life before our very eyes. Guild turns on guild, frustration overcomes many. Hc's and reps depleted by the second. Those caught in the whirlwind of unseen potential cringe as the world they once knew begins to disintegrate and crumble, how could this have happened...? With tempers flared and egos bruised, the competent begin to reach out. Friends become enemies and enemies, friends. Safety nets are torn to pieces as the masses feel the effects, becoming tangled in the shambles of what once was the norm. The expected order of things. Suspicions arise, trust is lost. Who is to blame? Everyone. Immense groundwork has been laid for one single event to cause the fall of so many. Six degrees of separation has become only two. Seemingly no one is safe. Owners data files begin circulating with the novelty of the printed press. Dc ips become no more valuable than wooden nickels as guilds are destroyed faster than bots can be created. Looters and vultures flock to the scene. Yet, as they say, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Nature's order will return, I'm sure of it. Balance will once again be restored. Storms subside, identities change. The community begins to repopulate with newer and stronger guilds. Lessons learned, life continues. Everyone weary, caution is no longer thrown to the wind. We are hackers, we will survive. Play each day as it is your last, yet beware. For you never know when change may come. Let your actions not become... The straw that nearly broke the hackers' backs.

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