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Sleeper Agent

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Sleeper Agent

Post by TanyaVonDegurechaff » Mon Dec 02, 2019 01:08 AM

Lost across seas of numbers data files and guild dcips you may have seen me, LoStCodDeS.
No more than a hacker no less than an alt I serve only my interests and "her".

I start off like the many curious, confused, dedicated, determined, day and night increasing my reputation. Accepting every mission regardless of it's tenacity and the thing that I would come to realize as the never ending grind.

I've met countless hackers, mods and cmods to count and on rare occasions the dev himself. Memories that tread the lines of being bittersweet yet very nostalgic. Ones you can't just deem to forget, thats what i thought, and should be what it would seem.

Weeks and months pass by I'd reach the first milestones in my career and so I've reaped what i had sow. Such rewards should've brought a sense of happiness, something special that could not had been replaced.

I held the package that allowed me to change my address. It felt very familiar even if this was the first time i had held one. I continued nonetheless, forgetting what i just thought and returned to deleting and changing grades a feature given in the early parts as you get used to hacking more.

The grind continued day by day and once more I've regained the energy to achive a daily quota of 50 reputation points. With the amount I've earned i willingly splurged on upgrades hardwares, softwares you name it even the thought of getting an auto collector was etched into my head.

With a goal set to become a great hacker I pushed myself to the limits. Not even minding sleep and life it would even be dangerous at that point. It was all or nothing for the prize of BlackBit coins a currency much valuable then Hack Coins. It was rumored to be equivalent to 5000 Hack coins for each BlackBit coin.

As I continue to hack I only managed to get as far as second with all that i had. Even at second place all the efforts I did weren't in vain knowing I'd gain that amount. It can be said that all my efforts would equal that award and I was very pleased.

I stayed on for a few more minutes before going back to sleep and a private message notified me out of nowhere. The familiar ku-clink sound was heard as it reverberated the room. This person had ask wether if i was interested with joining their guild. The guild was nothing more but a fun place to be to chat with members of the same group and hack together that's what i thought.

Something that i would enjoy and would be very preferable. I replied with glee knowing they'd accept a stranger like me. Their guild had the acronym AGEN it stood around the reputation requirement of 1k rep, knowing this i assumed they had a lot of low rep members.

I replied yes to him and their co leader told me that I'd be accepted tomorrow as their leader was asleep. Although he did had a request to change my name first as I had what all the hackers would call as the starter name or your default name tag.

I carried mine on for a long time as if it was an inside joke of the game but at the point it wouldn't have mattered. The request was sent and i went along to sleep for that night.

*hands over a document with the numbers written on it*
"Burn it"
"To the ground?"
.... *nods*
*chuckles* "With pleasure..."
I woke up that morning to a dream of someone ordering a girl younger than me to burn a piece of paper. I don't get the reason why he wanted her to burn such usefull information, then again it was all but a dream.

Out of curiosity the numbers written on that paper were easy to remember hence I wrote it down in the IP address search bar to see if it actually existed.

Either if it was an IP or DCIP didnt matter as it may as well be one of the IPs from yesterday's grind. I pressed search.... it's results was.... the Datacenter Ip from AGEN. It must be just my imagination....

*Server resetting in 1 minute*
The game notifies me of a daily server reset one I should be very familiar of but one that had never felt as tense until today.

I was frozen, dumbfounded even if I didn't get to join I felt guilty of something i didnt even do. I revoke my thoughts on that, as i regained my composure I wanted to know atleast who, what, when, and why did it happen.

*Server resetting in 20 seconds*
I carefully scrolled past up the notifications that happened overnight and-

*Server resetting in 10 seconds*
I found out and saw the notification that wrote

*Server resetting in 5 seconds*
Breaking News:

*Server resetting in 4 seconds*
[AGEN] has been destroyed!

*Server resetting in 3 seconds*
all members are vulnerable! Go get em!

*Server resetting in 2 seconds*
Attacking guilds :

*Server resetting in 1 second*

*Loading music plays*

As if the events last night didnt even happen all traces of what happened vanished, not even a spec of data could be recovered. I tried to recall everything that had happened before I had gone to bed.

There was nothing to note of rather than how busy i was trying to increase my reputation. I recall the events in my dream, it was still so crisp and clear that I remember the dialogue that was spoken.

"Burn it" the man said, burn the numbers written on the paper, this was the Datacenter IP was what i thought. What he meant with burn was to destroy it.

There was no other conclusion I came to. I accepted the fact that it may had been a leak in the inside but for me to take part of something like that while asleep was unlikely.

The least I could do for the person that offered me to join their guild was to rename myself. I brought up the courage to ask him once more if he would rebuild the guild again once he'd come online.

I then held the name change package, entered the name i had thought for myself. The name change package i held had an unmistakable feeling one i should've been familiar of but can't recognize.

I pressed send to confirm the name I was changing to but it wasn't working. I kept tapping on the send button and thought to myself "Just do it already!!"

"With pleasure..."

A voice resounded, not mine but one that is of a girl. A girl which I had not noticed appeared beside me.

She held a phone that was unmistakably like the one I held, it was currently running Hackerz the game I was playing. It's features were different much likely a modded version as the background and icons were different, but it still had the base functions of the game I played as far as I am concerned.

My guard was up and my insides were screaming. She reached her hand out to grab something near me.

"My phone!!" I thought to myself. Quickly I grabbed the phone away from her, having failed her attempt she fell face first to the bed I was lying on.

There was some commotion after that as we tried to keep our phones to ourselves. As I myself was also curious to how we have the same details on our phones.

Down to the scratches and cover wear, everything was similar. After both of us had calmed down I had her explain herself.

"Geez is that how you treat the girl of your dreams, the f**k is wrong with you?" She exclaimed.

What does she even mean I don't even have a crush on anyone else much to say no one even has a crush on me. She must be one of those crazy stalkers.

"Excuse you but I'm not one of those crazy yandere stalkers you oh so fantasize your self to be in." Yeah that's right she couldn't have been- wait did she just-

"Read my mind?" She said. My guard was higher than it was before, is she a psychic a witch perhaps. Then a sigh escaped her lips.

"You know LoStCodDeS things would be easier if you let me explained a bit you know." She twiddles her fingers on her phone and opened up the Hackerz app, I knew as the ever familiar startup theme had played.

"This was what you were trying to do right?" She shows me the screen which had the name change program running and saw that she entered the preferred name I wanted. Hang on the stats, reputation, black bits and hack coins were the same as the ones on mine.

No doubt about it she was using my account I thought, yet again she must be my stalker. Instead of another turmoil brought upon by her she just smiled.

"Have you considered maybe I was the literal girl of your dreams LoStCodDeS?" Now that I thought of it her voice, demeanor and figure were very accurate of the girl I saw in my dreams.

But enough of that how did she even get her hands on my Hackerz account. "How oh how indeed, sleight of hand, magic figure it out yourself dummkopf." She replied. She even insults me in languages im familiar of.

"You know we are very similar to each other more than you think, as for me I think it's hightime I introduced myself, open up my Hackerz app will you?" She requested. "My" as in hers wait why would she say that if this is my..... no way, our phones switched, that sly fox!!!.

I saw her grin, at this point im forced to think that her "mind reading" ability is just natural to her. I sighed and followed her orders to settle this matter once and for all.

As expected it was her phone as launching the Hackerz app had a different background and startup music, but all of this were nothing more but minor details to what I was seeing.

It welcomed me with the sound of static something similar to that of a radio, I knew very well what it was. It was a sign that a DDOS was happening and then a ding followed...

*You have destroyed [CV2] +200,000 HC* The notification informs me, I knew it was instant. No other notification was there. Was it a leak? That i didnt know. I decided to look at her stats and then...

Reputation points ten times bigger than mine, upgrades that could be considered the best you can get , hack coins that cant compare to the 5M hack coins I had. No doubt about it she's a guild killer, notorious for single handedly destroying guilds on her own.

Even her bots folder are full of the acronyms of the guilds she had come across. The last thing i checked was what guild she was affiliated with.

"N-No way, whats the sixth strongest member of the top guild doing here?!!" I exclaimed. "Oh so you do talk eh LoStCodDeS, I live here don't you know. Or rather we live here" She smiled

"Oh and being the sixth strongest person doesnt really make me that much of a threat at all, theres like twenty five other people stronger than me you know." It's as she says but despite that she's way above if not hundreds then thousands of other players.

"You seem too surprised to see a guild going down just like that, aren't you well familiar of what we did last night" She says. Last night, what does she even mean by... is she saying that -

  last night wasn't a dream?
"Last night wasn't a dream" she exclaimed. "You see all the things you've done to this point were all done according to my own accord, your progress, decisions everything, even your will to join that previous guild were nothing more but my anticipation to use you" She explained.

Use me? use as what... "As my alt of course"

*she reached her hand out*

My hand moved on it's own to reach out hers, but there was no resistance as if it was natural. My body felt light as if in deep sleep. She pulls me in as she laid back on the bed we were in.

She was below and I was on top and we exchanged views. This would look like as if I were forcing myself on her but both of us knew it wasn't that way.

She inches closer for a kiss, I didn't have the time to stop her so our lips met. I hesitantly tried to move away but was powerless enough to do so.

She smiled. "I assure you, you aren't doing anything wrong. It's just that all of the things happening was of my own will, you can't stop it even if you wanted"

"Thats because I am you LoStCodDeS
and you are me...."


I woke up and ran my Hackerz app, I was rather pleased I managed to change that startup music.
The DDOS notification played. Heh heh two guilds in one night not bad.

It seems like it worked. The moment Dosa sent that alt to AGEN it was accepted a few hours later. He made it so that it had warned the leader to leak the guild if it didn't kick the alt out.

I got the gist of the idea so I sent my alt to infiltrate CV2 under the new name of LoStCodDeS. With that same strategy the datacenter of two guilds fell under attack by the FBI.

I decided to prepare the bot creator and placed the last bot in my etc/bin and activated it that morning.

I checked the guild chat to see anything new.
Dosa came on and we talked about some things.
Dosa: really tanya
Me: hmm
Dosa: oh god you're really bad
Me: I am aren't I
Dosa: They just made their guild and you destroyed it in under an hour
Me: I got used to it
Dosa: oh well it is your decision after all
Me: quite, gtg school bells have rung
Dosa: Ok bye :)

Our chat was cut off by the sounds of the school bells. I hurried back to the classroom with the clacks of my heels that echo the hallway.

Looking close you'd see me smile but look at it closer then it becomes a grin. Knowing well what the guild had achieved and having took part in it was more than enough to invoke such feelings.

Betrayal, loyalty, creation, destruction, truth, lies. These words are domains that the guild reign with such grace. As if to remind that even if the Phoenix was being reborn it's remaining flames will continue to wander and leave a burn.

Thus it's alts continue to wander the game. Incinerating those unexpected to have gathered under it's flames. LoStCodDeS like most alts continue to play its part.

That is until the Sleeper Agent or rather, MY Sleeper Agent had awakened.
Miracles are illusions caused by insufficient observation and understanding. They're just... glorious misunderstandings.

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Re: Sleeper Agent

Post by TeAmEr » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:13 AM

I never thought i'd enjoy a story about a gameplay! That was intense!

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