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Inappropriate Usernames and or Guild Names or Prefix

Please read the rules before posting. These rules cover the game and the forums. If you are having issues understanding the rules and have questions, please post them here.

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Inappropriate Usernames and or Guild Names or Prefix

Post by Fenrir » Tue Mar 10, 2020 15:39 PM

This Post is formed around the ToS (Terms Of Service) and the rules of the game Hackers Online


Rules for the game Hackers Online

ESRB Rating:
Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.

There has been a rise on the names, guild names and or guild prefixes being found in-game that do not meet the guidelines for which can be found in the ToS under section 10 category Toxic Behavior and in the rules for the game under Sections 1 (Profanity/Swearing/Cussing), 2 (Adult/Sexually Provocative Conversations) and under section 3 (Drug, Controlled Substances, and or Material Related).

As the above mentioned names and or guild names or prefixes containing any of the above mentioned, administrators will take actions against such content. The rules and ToS are placed and made available for your convenience and for reference to fall upon if needed. As the game is rated by ESRB to be rated E for Everyone it is meant to be a safe environment to those that play the game from the content mentioned above.

Inappropriate Names:
Administrators have the right to change your name with or without notice. If such names are made and or found you will be given the opportunity to have a proper name made within a 24 hour (1 day) grace period. If by chance the grace period is exceeded or an invalid response is made or an appropriate name is not given to replace the name, the name of the user will be defaulted to that of the UID (User Identification) of that player. If the player changes their name again to that is against the above guidelines mentioned your name may be changed with or without notice and you may not have the opportunity to have a custom name changed by an administrator.

Inaproprate Guild Names, Prefixes and or Descriptions:
If a guild is found and or created with an inappropriate name, prefix, and or description the guild will be at risk for deletion and the BB used to make the guild will be returned. If the guild is created a second time by the same player with the same intentions the BB used may not be returned to the player that created the guild and the guild will be deleted, disbanding/removing all members of that guild.


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