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DASH wallets

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DASH wallets

Post by TeAmEr » Fri Jun 16, 2017 21:00 PM

Purchasing BBs with DASH is available:

If you do not know what dash or bitcoin is WATCH THOSE VIDEOS it is important:


More info about dash and where to buy dash:

1 - Get your wallet-address by going to Desktop > Settings and you will find your wallet address (real DASH wallet address).
this walled address is like your game-bank-account-number
2 - Purchase DASH from any available source (listed below) and send the DASH to your wallet-address
3 - Click "Convert to xxxBBs" in the to convert the DASH to BBs (based on DASH price in the market)

WHERE TO BUY DASH: << Credicard / bank << fastest in Europe (cheapest but requires ID verification) (click COINS > DASH) and put your dash wallet address
Brazil and South-Africa:
Make sure to use the wallet address in the EXACTLY as it is there whenever you are asked for "Dash Address" or "Dash Wallet"


- I Can't see DASH in my wallet:
- - Each transaction must have at least 1 confirmation, Usually within 10-30 minutes, unless you used "Instant send" from your local wallet (if you have any)
- - Make sure you entered the correct DASH address. if you entered a wrong address, we can do nothing about it.

- DASH I sent from my personal wallet to my game-wallet was not same amount:
- - You have paid the DASH transaction fee (cheaper than CC/Paypal or any other method) ~ about 0.01$ (even less)

- Amount of BBs from DASH is more/less than I expected:
- - DASH price in real world changes every second. Our server updates the price every 15 minutes. the amount of BBs is depending on the DASH price in the market during that time. if you bought DASH for 100$ and after a day it became 200$ you will get double the expected amount of BBs) a simple link to know the DASH price ( and here is the dash price on the market:

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