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Hackers offensive

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Hackers offensive

Post by TeAmEr » Sun Nov 01, 2020 17:27 PM

Hi everyone!

"Hackerz Infiltrated" game is under construction! Meanwhile HO community needs an ARMY, everyone is free to enrol 8-) !

- Testing and feedback for upcoming games
- Raids ! (more on this later)
- Team-missions to boost the next game visibility
and many more...

- Huge BB giveaways in Hackerz Online main game
- Early access to upcoming game(s)
- Voice chat with the developer for Q&A in live streams
- Unique and exclusive perks and items in any new games

There will be a number of divisions, each division will have multiple teams, maximum of 20 players per team so seats are very limited.

How to join:
1- Join us on Discord now:
2- Make sure your username/display name in discord is exactly the same as in Hackerz Online (for automated BB giveaways on missions)
3- Pick what division and Team you would like to join (please check each team description and see what fits you more)
4- in the "join-requests" write EXACTLY one request including:
a- Your username in Hackerz Online (JOIN_REQUEST: MyUserNameHere)
b- Your desired division and team (ex: offensive, asia-team)
c- Days and time (gmt) you are available to do missions (example: fri-sun 1600-1800 GMT+2)
your final request should look like this:
JOIN_REQUEST: [TeAmEr - replace with your username], offensive, asia team, fri-sun 1600-1800 GMT+2, sun-fri 1830-2000 GMT+2

Moderators will assign you to the appropriate team when they review the request, the user and time of availability. If you miss a mission in the team, you will be replaced with someone else and you can send a request and wait for a free spot again.

Have fun! and stay safe everyone. See you in Discord!

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