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Cheaters detected. Mass accounts lockdown

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Cheaters detected. Mass accounts lockdown

Post by TeAmEr » Mon Feb 03, 2020 18:12 PM

It has come to our attention that a bug has been found, and used as an exploit for a considerable amount of time and was left unreported for just as long. We would like to encourage players, if you find a bug, game breaking such as this, with the matter of the purchase of BB or another be reported to the staff of Hackerz Online. We offer rewards to those that report such bugs and would like that it continue as such. Unfortunately as it looks, we have received little notice of this exploit and have found that over a possible 100 accounts and counting could be affected by such use of this exploit.

For this matter, we encourage all players, those just returning to see what is new, and to all new players just hearing of the game, and to those we welcome. Those that may need the link, we have available here ( We also encourage those to specifically read Section 9.

We have work ahead of us to fix and recover as the exploit in question has been patched. To those that have used the exploit for their benefit, as stated in Section 9, of the ToS administrative actions to those that exploited the game during the timeframe will have their accounts locked for the course of the week and be deleted under section 9 under the category of cheating and use of exploits. Again you can find this in the ToS of the game at (

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