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Hackerz.Online Player Poll

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Should the limitations on abandoned miners be lifted?

Poll ended at Sun Jan 26, 2020 07:49 AM

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Total votes: 24

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Hackerz.Online Player Poll

Post by UwZerokoolX » Fri Jan 24, 2020 07:49 AM

Hello Hackerz,

Due to not having enough active players in the user database to automatically generate New Missions, we cannot bring that feature back yet. The developer is currently working on something else to catch your interest, so please be patient.

In the meantime, we have been discussing an issue over the abandoned miners. Dev placed this code in order to keep the players active and to keep them from farming on inactive players and alts constantly to benefit themselves. Unfortunately, it turned out a lot of players decided to just use chat instead of playing the actual game since they couldn't farm anymore.

So we are having a debate on whether or not lifting the limitations on abandoned gateways will help with the activity on the game. We are encouraging all players to vote on this matter to see how many players will play or are still playing agree that this feature should be removed. Thank you for support and being a part of the Hackerz.Online Community.

Best Regards,
Administration Staff



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