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Before Filling out the CMOD Application PLEASE READ!!!

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Before Filling out the CMOD Application PLEASE READ!!!

Post by UwZerokoolX » Fri Apr 26, 2019 02:00 AM

Country Moderator Application Requirements

Welcome applicant, thank you for choosing to volunteer to be a moderator for your resided country. To continue, a few requirements MUST be met. NO exceptions.

A. You MUST be at least 17 years of age and can provide documentation for verification of your age or DOB upon request before the interview. Either by ID Card, Birth Certificate, School Transcript, or other means of Identification. This will be for verification purposes only and only for the Administration Staff to view for the purpose of proceeding with your application.

B. Have a minimum of 6 months gameplay experience and be in good standing with the moderation staff. (No Permabans or a lot of blocks and bans)

C. Have read, understood, and agree to the Terms Of Service(ToS) and Conditions. Here is the link to the TOS.

D. Complete the Application as if you would be applying for a job. (Professionalism) Any application filed that has been filled out unprofessionally will be red flagged for 6 months before the team even looks at another application from you. The link for the cmod application is on the website.

E. Have a Telegram Account for us to contact you about your application and conduct an interview which will be held in an Interview group on Telegram.
The application process can take up to a 3 weeks due to several applications being processed. Filling out this application states that you have meet the following requirements. Please continue and best of luck on your application.

Best Regards,

Administration & Interview Team


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