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Message form the dev: Hackerz Online Cleanup

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Message form the dev: Hackerz Online Cleanup

Post by TeAmEr » Thu Mar 21, 2019 08:32 AM

Hi everyone,

I will try to be short covering those topic in this post:

- Database cleanup and farming accounts
- Registration change
- Making the game harder
- Reviews and the new game

- Database cleanup:
To reduce cheaters, spammers and farmers, on this weekend (23-24 march 2019) All accounts that do not have a verified email address will be deleted, as well as accounts that are registered for more than one with with reputation less than 200, or accounts that have not been active for 2 or more months.

- Registration change:
To reduce fake accounts and farming accounts, Regular registration will be removed. all new accounts must register using Google Login. old account however will still be able to login.

- Making the game harder:
Mining output will be cut by half, less mining = less farmers = more incentive for you to hack other active people. whoever does not like it might go ahead and leave a one star comment in play store if that makes you feel a proud person.

- When i removed the captcha to reduce the fake account signups, all the freelaoders started leaving a 1 star rating for the game to get this back. I find this cheap and unethical to blackmail me through reviews to give you a chance to cheat the game and not play it the way it was meant to be played.

The game development took me a lot of effort, months of my time and financial cost, and hosting the game is not cheap. currently 90% of the servers costs are paid form my pockets and this is not a small amount, So you as a player who never spent a cent towards the game, at least respect that fact and leave a good review or leave none at all.

Currently I am building a new game with an infinite 3d world. you might have seen parts of it if you watched my live streams on youtube. after this experience with freelaoders and their attitude, the new game will be off play-store and will be pay-to play so I do not end up paying for servers for a huge amount of free players.


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