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August Update 2018

The administrators and developer will post announcements here to keep you updated and informed when needed.
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August Update 2018

Post by TeAmEr » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:06 AM


The following top paying players for July are selected to participate int he Alpha testing of the all-new Hackers-Reloaded in October. When the time is right we will send them an email with how to join the test

NightD3mon, Zuiho, Nucents231, Provo, Arkwing

Top 5 Paying players in August will also be picked to participate in the Alpha testing.


August Updates:

Due to the increasing amount of HC in the game, inflation made the game really boring, and to keep the prices even we are planning on doing some changes that makes getting/keeping HC a bit harder:
- Miners will mine 50% of what they normally do (we increased them in the past and broke the balance, we're downgrading the miners again)
- Daily logins rewards will be reduce by 50% as well
- Daily HC down to 500

Due to increasing server costs from the amount of incoming new users, to help boost the income and support the game server, we will be adding non-intrusive video ads that will give you random drops. I will also be adding new items that will be BB-purchasable only until the end of December.

New items:
- "Trace Back Decoy" [Consumable] this will increase the traceback time required to track you.
- "Bruteforce Supercharger" [Consumable] this will double the power of your password cracker.
- "Decoy Virus" This is a virus that increases the traceback time on the target. active only if the virus is owned by you.
- "Upgrade reset virus" a single time kamikaze virus that resets a single software upgrade on the target when the target logs in. then instantly is detected and deleted by the anti-virus . this visrus as any other virus might be detected while transferring it depending on the targets' A.V level and the attackers re-assembler level.
This will not reset the level of the software, it will reset the upgrade progress. so if you are upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2 and you are 50% into the upgrade, it will reset that timer to 0% so you wiil still be upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2.
and the virus will be deleted after that automatically

Rare packages:
- drops 500-1000 HC
- 10% percent change for some BB
- 90% chance to get:
- - 1% chance to get a datacenter IP (guild IP)
- - 5% chance to get database administrator ip
- - Random IP of a hacker

Unique packages:
Chance to get one of the following
- - 1000-3000 HC
- - Watchdog
- -WannaCry Work
- - 14% worm
- - 3 day log deleter virus
- - disruptor battery
- - an instant software upgrade

Epic packages:
chance to get:
-- 1000 BB
-- instant sofware update
- - worm7% + disruptor battery
- - 14% worm
- - 2-3 log releters

End of August and September, 5 top BB purchasers of each month will be announced and their Emails will be whitelisted for the closed-alpha testing of Hackers-Reloaded the new upcoming game.

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