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Dev codes ?

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Should developer live-stream coding a small game?

Poll ended at Sat Mar 31, 2018 08:35 AM

Total votes: 40

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Dev codes ?

Post by TeAmEr » Thu Mar 29, 2018 08:35 AM

Ok guys, so we had a live stream last Saturday with "Dev plays H.O" ... shall we do a "Dev Codes" stream?
A lot of you been asking what programming language i've used to build H.O
So i i thought about creating a live stream where i code a small game as a quick tutorial for people with basic programming knowledge to get motivated and build something on their own!

Please vote yes / no up there.

I will try to program a small multiplayer game, our time limit will be 2 hours, if it turns out to be a hit, I will be updating the game in live streams once every saturday! all code will be open source on github as well!

For that I will need your ideas of a simple game that can be finished in 2 hours!

so please add below what game you want me to do , but please follow those rules so not to spam the thread.
  • 3D or 2D is fine as long as it's not too complicated!
  • Game should require minimal graphics (unless some of you plan on helping out with that, from 3d models to actual graphics/icons/art etc...
  • Game idea should be simple and fully explained. you also need to consider device screen size (mobile phone) and controls ... a game that requires a keyboard is not a good idea
  • Game idea should be simple but fun! we have only 2 hours to build it!

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