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Upcoming changes on 14th November 2017

The administrators and developer will post announcements here to keep you updated and informed when needed.
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Upcoming changes on 14th November 2017

Post by TeAmEr » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:51 AM

1 - Hack Event Changes
2 - Guild mail

1 - Hack Event Changes
As of 14th November, the prizes for the Hacking event will be changed as following:

1st place 1250bb
2nd place 500bb
3rd place 250bb
4th-10th place 100bb
11th-40th place 50bb

Because there are not more than 200 players during the event, it would be unfair to give them free BBs just for participation. let there be more challenge to be at least of the top 40 only.

2 - Guild mail
You will be able to send an email to all your guild by typing * (star) in the "To" field.

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