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10th November 2017 Update

The administrators and developer will post announcements here to keep you updated and informed when needed.
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10th November 2017 Update

Post by TeAmEr » Tue Nov 07, 2017 14:14 PM

1 - New feature! TEAM HACK
2 - slight Increases in HC prices for some item shops
3 - slight decrease in BB prices for some items
4 - New package (Jammer Battery). can be purchased, or found in drops in epic/unique packages

Players will be able to collaborate together to hack a single target.
How to do it:
- There is a new hardware: (Signal Jammer) it is a signal jamming device powered by battery, while it is active it increases the back-trace time of the target it is used on.

Cooldown : 2 Hours
Max level : 40
increases back-trace by : 60 millisecond per level (subjected to change)
Runs for (19 + level) seconds (subjected to change)
Jammers are cumulative ... meaning if multiple players are jamming the same target, the back trace increases by total of all users.

How to use:
You decide with multiple friends to take down one target
Lets assume you have 10 friends who will join in. each one can increase the back trace by 2 seconds.
They all connect to the target, and start their Signal Jammers. once the Jammers are active (for limited time) anyone who starts cracking that target will get 2 second * 10 = 20 seconds extra on back-trace time.
YOU CANT JAM AND CRACK AT THE SAME TIME, so make sure to decide who will be jamming, and who will be cracking among your team!

back-tracing is increased ONLY for ACTIVE Jammers. which means if someone starts cracking, and then someone else starts a Jammer after the crack begins, the back-tracing timer won'e be affected.
Same goes for any crack that is started after a Jammer finishes working. aka if a Jammer has stopped working a signal, then someone started to crack the password, the back trace time won't be affected.

however if a Jammer that has been started before a crack stops after the cracking has started that Jammer would have already affected the back tracing time and its effects wont be reveres for the length of that crack attempt.

Signal Jammer cooldown can be reset by using a "Jammer Battery pack'" which can be optained from the shop, or in epic packages that might be found while hacking.

If there are any issues, please report them to support@m.hackerz.online

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