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SOFTARE LEVELS restoration

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SOFTARE LEVELS restoration

Post by TeAmEr » Thu Oct 05, 2017 17:57 PM

The last backup we had was unfortunately on 18th-September-2017
for some reason the backup process had stopped and no one noticed that.

We tried to restore the software levels for everyone who sent me an email, or added their names in the forum post of yesterday (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1131), however not everyone was restored due to either wrong username entered, or they changed their username since 18th-sep so there were nothing inthe backupo for them, or they were players newer than that date.

I fixed the backup process so this doesn't happen again, now it will be done daily (will create lag tho) and added 1200BB for everyone, which should be more than enough for users who registered after 18th September to restore their software levels quickly!

Those who had high software levels and got lost, please send me (to my email in play store, NOT HERE) :

- a screenshot of your software levels before the reset if available
- and ALL of your usernames you used on 18th (yes the old ones as well, specially the username you were using on 18th September).
- post your name here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1138 (or the name of others who dont have a forum account, with a screenshot of them asking you to do it) I will try to restore again.
- if you registered AFTER 18th september, there's nothing we can do, except if you used purchased BBs of more than 1000bb. for that you must FORWARD to -again- my email the recipes from google (not screenshot) ... of course with your username (current and past)

However those who send me their names WILL have their softwares restored to the 18thSep backup so DO NOT send me your name if you do not want your software to be restored YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Users checked:

Users successfully restored:

Code: Select all

Restoring users (SOFTWARE):
>>> unpacking  AnOnAmRy
AnOnAmRy  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Bigworm
Bigworm  ... restored
>>> unpacking  bravor
bravor  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Crack
Crack  ... restored
>>> unpacking  deik
deik  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Ethus
Ethus  ... restored
>>> unpacking  francotirador117
francotirador117  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Godrel4X
Godrel4X  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Herni
Herni  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Jegg
Jegg  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Juka
Juka  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Moonrock
Moonrock  ... restored
>>> unpacking  PepePompin
PepePompin  ... restored
>>> unpacking  Rawn
Rawn  ... restored
>>> unpacking  rodolfolangostino
rodolfolangostino  ... restored
>>> unpacking  udaf
udaf  ... restored
>>> unpacking  UwZerokoolX
UwZerokoolX  ... restored
>>> unpacking  W1ght_Sp1d3r
W1ght_Sp1d3r  ... restored
>>> unpacking  _illmatic
_illmatic  ... restored
Thanks for your cooperation and thanks for everyone who helped informing players and gathering their names

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