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Release Missions

The administrators and developer will post announcements here to keep you updated and informed when needed.
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Release Missions

Post by TeAmEr » Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:48 AM

Changes in the new upcoming release: Release will be on Monday 28th, Aug 2017

New changes
- New mission engine that allows adding more mission types on the go (means new challenges every now and then)
- Unique single-winner missions will give prizes to all online hackers once someone finishes it!
- Online users giveaway re-enabled for special events
- Changes to Item prices in the shop
- Changes to BB Pricing (increasing BB prices for several reasons)
- Guilds max players increased from 10 to 20 player per guild
- Guild protection minimum price down from 100k to 20k per MB Bandwidth
- New icon on the top right that opens a menu allowing for easier access to Guilds, Email, Shop and others
- Removed the Ranks icon from the left menu and added it to the top menu, less scrolling now
- Target analyzer gives more info now
- Purchasing BBs gives packages to guild members
- Selling hardware will return half price of the hardware in HC instead of 100BB
- Destroying a guild will distribute (100000HC + Destroyed bank Guild) to all players that are members on an attacking guild

Hidden changes (For future releases):
- Preparation for Police vs Hackers challenges
- Preparation for new huge feature (Business)
- Preparation to change how bounce nodes affect tracing time
- Preparation to change how firewall allows access to several functions in the gateway (analyzer, collection, file uploads ... etc)
- removing random packages and adding 3 new types of random packages instead, contents of those packages will be random as well, but the value will depend on the package type (common_package, rare_package, unique_package, epic_package)
- Secret notes will be added (common, rare, top-secret) will contains IPs, passwords, staff-names, decrypt keys and more

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