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Hacked Already bug

Report all bugs to this forum please. Bug reports include operational issues with the game.
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Joined: Sat Sep 22, 2018 01:43 AM
In-game Username: NeroPrime

Hacked Already bug

Post by NeroPrime » Sat Sep 22, 2018 01:57 AM

I was farming some IP on September 21, 2018, around 2100edt.
I used DragonDiety's Gateway as my root IP for my IP rout. After completing a series of about 4-5 hacks and clearing the logs from DragonDiety's gateway, the Red [Hacked Already] notification did not appear in the Connection Manager list on DragonDiety's gateway.

I tried to rehack the gateway, without waiting for the hour but was traced back within 7 seconds, as would be normal. After the second hack, the {Hacked Already} tag appeared.

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Re: Hacked Already bug

Post by IdentityCrisis » Sat Sep 22, 2018 12:00 PM

that happens if you hack a gateway and add the same ip to your connection manager and it overwrites the gateway from being red ip (already hacked) to a new added fresh added ip(green).... That may be the case here, if so I'm sorry... Just don't let the back trace reach zero or you will be blacklisted for at least 4 hrs depend on their sw level
HO Administration Team & Support Staff

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