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Bug Reports do's and dont's!

Report all bugs to this forum please. Bug reports include operational issues with the game.
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Bug Reports do's and dont's!

Post by DadeMurphy » Fri Mar 24, 2017 00:07 AM

1st of all i did create this thread because i tend to do the dont's more often then the do's.

-Don't post a bug report without reading back at least 2 pages. It is most likely that someone reported it allready. Especially with a steady growing playerbase.
-Don't post a report without giving the common troubleshoot solutions a try (read down below under F.A.Q)
-Don't post one liners like: "Hey that doesn't work! Fix it!" That's counterproductive.
-Don't spam with questions like: "When will we get a fix?"

Whenever possible:
  • Try to reproduce the Bug before posting it.
  • Include how to reproduce the bug
  • Include screenshots/videos of it.
  • Include your phone model
  • Include the rom you are running. Sometimes custom roms can cause issues compared to stock roms. Like a different standard keyboard ;)
  • Include the android version. This one is actually really important.
How a bug report can look like:
Phone: One Plus 3T
Rom: FreedomOS 2.5
Android: 7.0

Description of the Bug:

"Hi there after the update i get lag spikes after clicking on the"

*include screenshot/video here*

Link to Bug Report subforum

Q: "What can i do to troubleshoot my bug?"
  • -Clear the game cache
  • -Force stop the app.
  • -Check for game updates in the playstore
  • -Restart the game
A: "If that doesnt work, it is mostlikely that you fund a bug. Not definetly but likely"

Q: "Do i have to include a screenshot or video everytime?"
A: "Actually no. Sometimes its enough to describe what you did. Especially with stuff like 'Hi there after the update i get lag spikes after clicking on the'"

Thx for reading :D Happy hacking ^^

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