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Unofficial Hackerz Subnets Soundtrack

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Unofficial Hackerz Subnets Soundtrack

Post by Fenrir » Sun Apr 05, 2020 17:05 PM

General Information
With the coming of the new game Hackerz Subents I would like to inform everyone the Unofficial Subnets Soundtrack. As some have been aware via telegram and discord I have taken some liberty of making an album solely for the players of the game. As such I have put together a few tracks that I hope everyone would like, and would enjoy while playing the game. Unfortunately I am afraid that some tracks may differ from the given sources. So officially, SoundCloud will be out of the question of those wanting to listen to the tracks. This is due to the fact of copyright matters and SoundCloud's automatic autonomous authorization systems used to verify copyright infringement matters. This system has made it difficult to place tracks as a whole but for this matter I won't dwell into that. More so, to find the tracks you are encouraged to go to BandLab instead. Currently it has not been made avilable (https://www.bandlab.com/fenr1r) It will also be available here (https://subnets.fenrirsbookoftails.com) You will be directed to my BandLab listing when it is made public by following this link.

Album Information
⚠ Some track names may undergo Name changes before official release as such may look different that what is seen
1) Hackers Legacy
2) Build My Computer
3) On the Hunt
4) Can You Find Me Hiding
5) In Your Gateway
6) Attack the Core
7) Upload Inelegance
8) Attack the Core: Retaliation
9) (pending)
10) (Pending)

Release Information
The release of the Unofficial soundtrack will be made with the pending release of Hackerz Subnets. This is going to be made a big deal. With this, (hopefully) I will have all tracks made by the time of the release. This album will be released before Hackerz Subnets goes live on Google Play, hopefully within a week or two of the games release as a promotional item.... ...and no, you will not have to pay for it. I may even sneak in a preview of one of the tracks on a stream... ...that is IF OBS studio plays ball as I have been recently incurring issues with it.
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Unofficial Hackerz Subnets Soundtrack Artwork 650px.png
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